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amy smart makes dealsYou ever read Donald Trump’s “Art of the Deal”? I did. What a waste of time. It was as useful as “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. It was ridiculous. I don’t know why i read that book. I guess i was a stupid college kid wanting to learn the secrets. The reality is that there are no secrets. You can read book after book, but you’re not going to become a better deal maker until you actually go out and make some deals. It’s simple logic, but most people throw away money figuring it out.

I recently bought another website. It’s a small site and the price was $150 dollars for the site and domain. I could have just bought it without doing any type of deal, but being the cheap ass, i decided to cut down the price. Guess what, it turns out that i’m a stellar deal maker. Maybe Donald’s book helped me after all. Maybe the 4 hours it took for me to read that book was not in vain. I bought the site for $115. Awesome right? Now, i know what you’re thinking. “$115?” It doesn’t seem like much, but think about it? I cut down a big percentage off the original price. Imagine if i was buying a piece of property for 1.5 million dollars. If i cut down the price to 1.15 million, i would be hailed a genius.

Deals are deals, no matter how big or small. When you are making any type of money transaction, i recommend that you try to make some sort of deal. Some people are better at this then others. I was born cheap, so i have no problem trying to bargain at the bargain store. But, if you feel petty or silly about such things, you missing out of the money you could save. Think about how much more you can earn by negotiating your ad prices. In the long run, it pays to be make deals. You gotta test it out in practice. Don’t just read about it in books.

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  1. Jared Stenzel

    Online I can pretty much persuade my way into anything I want or need. It may take a while, and multiple attempts but I can usually achieve a positive outcome. Too bad it doesn’t transfer to my in person dealings. I went to Mexico and wouldn’t even haggle at those street tents. Great post noob.

  2. the noob Post author

    jared stenzel- that’s great jared. and it’s a great attitude to have if you want to make it in this industry. maybe you prefer to haggle behind the safety net of the web. i on the other hand, can haggle incognito and in person. It’s a gift i know. who says being cheap is a character flaw? 😉

    grademoney- nice nice. mind putting up a link to your site. I’m curious about such things. And info on the site, traffic, income, etc. 😉 email if you wish to keep the info private.

  3. Ben Barden

    Percentages are well worth looking at. Some time ago there was a site being sold for $2000, and a lot of people complained the price was too high (I’ll avoid mentioning the name of the site). I took the time to explain why I thought the price was too high, and the owner dropped the price to $1000. Everyone else then said the price was still too high. Maybe it was, but that’s not the point here – who else managed to get the price dropped by 50%? Having said that, I didn’t buy it. 😉 The price drop was simply to make it more realistic for someone who was interested in paying up.

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