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ashlee simpson makes money onlineSome of you already know that i am getting into domain investing. I now have way to many domain names in my portfolio. I now have too many to admin. I don’t want them to remain parked until it expires. Some of these domains are pretty good. I just don’t have the time to work on them. If you want some free domains, leave me a comment below and you can win a free domain name. I will be giving away multiple domain names. I’m always saying that the best way to make money online is by setting up multiple sites. If you’re lucky, you might win more then one free domain name.

Most of them are parked at godaddy, so if you don’t already have an account with godaddy, bet sure to sign up for a free account. I’m trying to see if i can make money online by giving away domain names. These domain are also good cause they have been aged. If you work on them, you might be able to get google pagerank on these sites. Noob out!

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  1. Quintin Riis

    Count me in!!

    Domain investing is very intriguing to me. I’ve considered trying my hand at it.

    A friend of mine received a very nice offer shortly after he registered his domain,

    I recently found a HOT domain name for a shopping site to generate affiliate commissions. I was amazed that the .com was for sale for tens of thousands of dollars, but no one had registered the .net or .org version!

  2. Gerard

    Count me in!

    I’ll work on them for sure! I’m just diving into blogging (thanks to your blog). I see my current domain not very good at it.

    Thanks :)

  3. the noob Post author

    bob- congrats, you are the first winner. Leave me another comment here and email me at I will send you instruction for that free domain name. 😉

    quintin riis- Congrats, you are the second winner! leave me another comment and email me to receive ur domain.

    gerard- congrats you are my third winner. leave me another comment and email me for that domain.

    GUYS, see how easy it is to win. I will award more winner (i gave the first three commentators a free domain, but i can’t keep giving them out to everyone who comments) i will randomly select a winner per every 5 or 6 comments. Cheers All!

  4. Benjamin


    Another really generous give away, i’m genuinly surprised at the amount of stuff you give away in comparison to other bloggers (even more high profile ones). On another note, I’m pretty sure that you can make money from parked domains if you put adverts on them, in your experience does that actually make much money?

  5. Rob

    I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t subscribe to your feed the last…3 or 4 times I was here at your blog. I love your stuff. You’ve helped me a lot as far as pointing me in the right direction. I know I haven’t got much on my blog, but I’m trying and I appreciate all the help I can get.

    Now that I’ve finally subscribed to your feed, I’ll be more updated on one of the most helpful blogs for me thus far. Thank you… And thanks again for another awesome contest opportunity!

  6. the noob Post author

    benjamin- thanks benji. i try to give. i’m a big believer of karma. with regard to parked domains. I think it’s necessary when you have a large portfolio of domains. It would be impossible to administer thousands of domains. Even in the hundreds range it gets hard. again monetization deals with traffic. If the parked domain gets a lot of traffic, sure u can make a lot of money. I have a few domains that make a few bucks a month. Just from the parked revenue. I know a few webmasters who hold domains that make 10 dollars a day. It depends on the quality and traffic of the domain. But for most people and most domains, it’s not worth it to keep it parked.

  7. Benjamin

    Wow, quicker response then I thought :D. $10 dollars a day is pretty good money from a website in which you don’t have to do anything :O

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  9. the noob Post author

    rob- thanks for subscribing to my feed. better late then never. 😉

    gerard- domain sent. thanks i appreciate it

    benjamin- yup. but those domain are not the ones you just pick up. those domains come with a bigger price tag. 😉

  10. the noob Post author

    gerard- you’re very welcome.

    rob- thanks rob.

    jesse- why thank you jesse. yeah i wish that i had jesse’s girl. da da da da. love ur song!!!

  11. Anthony

    Hey, good to read about someone who posts their ‘honest earnings’ on their blog. You have a very down-to-earth writing style. I’ve just started getting into the domain investing today, if you’ve got any spare i’d be happy to take them on



  12. DrBurst

    wow, fast turn around. I hope this goes very well for you.

    BTW, how about requiring a digg to enter, it might drive alot of traffic to this site.

  13. the noob Post author

    anthony- thanks a bunch for ur kind words. i’ll keep giving them away. let me get a couple more comments. 😉

    drburst- good idea. i really should put the digg and stumble button on the bottom of each post. since this giveaway already started, i might do a simple digg or stumble requirement for the next giveaway. thanks burst!

  14. the noob Post author

    anthony- double wammy, wow things anthony!

    jesse- ur joking right? u don’t know rick springfield? i had a crush on a girl named jesse btw 😉 jesse in the song is a guy tho. ;(

  15. n30

    Good idea for a contest, just discovered this blog and some of the articles on here are great keep up the good work!

  16. Nards

    Mornin’! I’ve been toying with the idea of obtaining my own domain. After doing a bit of research, it seems to me to be a smart thing to do and worth investigating. Thank you for your insight and for educating me. Please throw my name “into the domain hat” – Regards, Nards

  17. jesse

    Hey,I am a bit behind in my musical tastes,lol.Jesse is such a cool name for a boy or a girl.Gave you a StumbleUpon review…will digg ya later :)
    Have fun

  18. the noob Post author

    n30- thanks dude!

    smeey- consider it done!

    jesse- yes me is!

    nards- u really should. hopefully you can win one here. 😉

    ok i’ve randomly selected three more winners!

    Congrats to JESSE and BENJAMIN and ANTHONY. guys, leave me another comment below to confirm ur win. and email me with your godaddy login and email. i will start the push asap. congrats to the winners. and losers. don’t worry. i will choose another batch of winners later!

  19. jesse

    I am one of the winners????? Yipeee yi yay !!

    …Well in all my life I havent ever won anything, except for the Mariuca Mug, which was awesome too…so thanks a million gazillion!! You made my day Fabulash,Noob…I can hardly even believe my good luck! epps,I be gushing :)
    I am just off to ‘digg’ this post…will email you soon :))))

  20. Ganesh

    Alright! I’m in. I could really use a new domain now as I have some good ideas running through my head now. That too for free. 😉

  21. Dena

    Hi, I would love to be included in this free domain offer. I have a couple of websites that I have created on my own, and would love another one to play around with.


  22. Rohit

    I’m one more out there in need of winning a free domain!!.
    Enter me in to the giveaway!!.

    How can we win more than 1 domain??

  23. Chelle

    I’m always a sucker for contests, and domain names. I’ve got 3 blogs (with a 4th & 5th in development!) so what’s another to the pile! Great idea to give them away!

  24. ~Kat~

    I love domains! Please count me in. If you give me a domain I’ll do something fun with it and give you a permanent link to say Thanks!

  25. lpstong

    Great incentive to get users to keep coming back. Nice idea. But I would have to agree with some of the comments already said. You have some nice posts.

  26. asmina22

    its really kind of you to do this domain giveaway, we dont find many people like you everyday. If i have the chance and the honor to get a free domain from you, i’d certenly put a free advert and link back to your website from that domain.
    best regards,

  27. the noob Post author

    Congrats to Chelle, Max Miroff, and ~Kat~. you have won a free domain. leave me another comment here and email me with you godaddy login and email. i will push the domain ASAP.

    I will second one more round of winner for this domain promotion. Cheers all and congrats to the winners!

  28. AshishJain

    Hello mate i u are left with some more domains then send me 1 too. i will start a good website with it.


  29. Rob

    Well, I sure hope you’ll consider me in this last batch :)

    Thanks for all your helpful replies. I’m going to make my best effort to not neglect the commenting of your posts from here on out!

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  31. antsgame

    Nice Offer, I think I could help out making millions for you well 😉 If only they world was in our hands 😉 lol… well… Im Willing to see what i can do with your domain :) thx…

  32. exmadyn

    interesting giveaway…

    are you still giving another domain? if so, please consider me… i just surf the net and participate in forums but if give one, this would be a starting kick for a blog…

    if i win, i’ll place a link to this site on the free domain…

    more power!

  33. the noob Post author

    Thanks to all who left a comment here. I have selected my last batch of winner for this domain giveaway. Congrats to Phil, TheContestBlogger, and Rob. Leave me a comment below and to confirm and shoot me an email with your godaddy acct login and email. I will push the domain ASAP.


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  35. Nagarjun

    Pick me pretty please!!! I am a web dev and would surely be able to make good use out of these domains. Would be really great if you give me a domain. Also, if it gets really popular, ill link to you for sure!

  36. Anthony

    Hey man, emailed my details thru to you, did you get them?

    My godaddy login is ant333

    Looking fwd to know which fantastic domain name i get 😉


  37. the noob Post author

    rob- sent u the domain, hope to see a nice blog up rob! 😉

    manilenya- thanks for being a good sport.

    kat- thanks and congrats on the domain. hope to see a nice food blog.

    nagarjun- sorry, the promo is over. i’ll do more tho, so stay tuned.

    anthony- send u the domain. hope u like it.

    desmond- u just missed it desmond. no worries tho. i’ll do this again. it was pretty fun and i got a lot of buzz.


  38. Phil

    Noob, will send my godaddy login via your admin contact, my email is wormdude at gmail dot com.

    Thanks, dude.

  39. m.dinesh

    Hai bloggernoob nice to meet you,
    If you have a domain, please give it to me because I am in a need of a domain but I cannot afford it, Can you please give it to me, Than kyou so much.

  40. manilenya

    The contest was officially closed few days ago and there are winners already lol!! why not paying attention to comments :)..the messages are keep on coming to my inbox lol!

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