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britney spears makes money online and dreamsIt’s not a bad thing to dream. I personally believe that dreaming is the reason why we are all sane. If we don’t dream, we would probably all go crazy. I am a big time dreamer. I have a lot of grand ideas for my life and career. I think i started this blog because i am a dreamer. I thought that i could make a lot of money online. I now realize that i won’t get rich with this blog. I probably will never hit a million dollars with any of my website. I still kinda dream, but i try to be realistic as well. It’s important to balance our your dreams with practical action.

Blogging for millions is pretty tough. I’d say that you might have better luck playing the lotto. But, i do see steady income from my collection of blogs. If i work hard, i know that i can make at least a few bucks per blog. Add that up and it can become full time income.

I am a part time blogger. I don’t plan on blogging full time, but i would like to set up a few online businesses that have potential. If i can extract enough from these collection of site, i could sell of my off line businesses and retire early. That’s my make money online dream. What’s yours? Is it practical?

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  1. SolReka

    Oh boy, do I hear you noob :-)

    I guess the days of john chow and problogger dominance are over.

    However, who knows what could be lurking around the corner, it’s just a matter of finding that niche market.

    My blog’s worth $50 (any takers). lol Doubt if I could retire on that.

    Anyways, chin up chap.

    I feel your pain, you’re not to blame, it is a shame.

  2. goofblogger

    Hi noob,

    Bizarre, we have the same dream :)

    I plan on building up my portfolio bit by bit. My goal is to have 50 sites that are each generating $1 per day on average.

    I will try to accomplish this goal by September 3, 2009. I just picked a date out of the air, but in order to accomplish a goal you have to define it in the first place.

  3. juzten

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  4. Dot Com Dud

    I think the most important thing in this article is “If i work hard”. I know I am a dreamer, most people are but it’s putting your ideas intos actions that is the real challenge.

    “What’s yours?”
    Well, mine is just to make a regular income online, any earnings above what I need day-to-day is just gravy.

  5. Make Money Online

    Hi Noob

    You will get there – consistency is the key.

    I found your blog 2nd page on google for “make money online from home” so you are definately doing something right. Keep up the good work.

    I have some amazing affiliate programes you may want to have a look at – email me if you are interested.

  6. Jeff

    I’m still saying to myself that I’m going to make some cash with this thing. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m still sayin’ it!

  7. SolReka

    Wow, I admire your aspirations. Fair play to you. That sounds like a great plan. Realistic and also achievable. Heck playing the numbers game, say only 10 sites produce $3 a day. You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. I think your idea is a stroke of genius.

    How true it is to set goals. I sometimes spend days peeing around and achieving nothing, and all because I haven’t set any goals.

    However, 50 sites, wow you need to be one super efficient blogger to manage that many. Ref; upkeep, design, content, marketing, smo, seo, etc.

    Either way, I doff my cap to you Sir and wish you the very best of luck

  8. Bcarter

    You’re right, you probably won’t make a million with this site, just like most people won’t make $1,000,000 from their sites.

    Volume is a big key, set up 100 each making $1 day. Chances are if you do it right, you’ll be making more than $1 per day per site.

  9. Renee

    You know I am not looking to get rich but it would be nice to augment my income a little. Or even have a fund I could use to take the family on vacation once year.

  10. MoneyEnergy

    Yeah, it’s best to keep it practical at first like Renee said. I’d forget about trying to start 100 sites though. It’s gonna take you quite a while to make even one dollar a day on any one site.

    btw, if anyone’s on entrecard I’m holding a contest to give away 4000 credits – it’s easy to join.

  11. Dena

    I’m not dreaming to get rich, just to supplement my current income enough so that I can live comfortably and still afford the things that I want. I would like to have my house paid off in 10 years and at this point, that looks very achievable. I just purchased it in February so I know thats kind of aggressive, but I am on the 15 year track anyway so I figure what’s an extra $100.00-$200.00 a month added to my mortgage.

  12. fit4all

    there’s no harm on dreaming…yet to think of a BIG DREAM is good because with that single dream you are motivated to do things on achieving it. hell to some if i would uttered the entire world that my BIG DREAM is like this and that…i’ll perseverance, patient and love of the dream is the key to success. and on blogging is one way or the passport ( for me) to reach my dream..hehe

    keep on dreaming and believing!:)

  13. the noob Post author

    solreka- i don’t have any complaints. i hope i didn’t sound negative in my post. i’m actually really glad i started this blog. if i hadn’t, i would have never gotten into domain investing, and web development. i am happy with my collection of sites. i think that by the year’s end, my collection of sites will make me over $30,000/year. probably more. If i’m not mistaken, i think that’s close to the average entry level salary of corporate america. not bad for a few websites on the side. πŸ˜‰

    goofblogger- nice goal. if you set up 50 sites, you are sure to make money. if they all get ranked in google, you’ll make 100 dollars a day. πŸ˜‰

    juzten- thanks for the bookmark.

    paulshealthblog- let’s keep that on the down low. don’t want my wife to know. πŸ˜‰

    dot com dud- u sounds like a practical guy. yup, u work hard, you’ll hit your mark. just a matter of when. πŸ˜‰

    desmond- not anymore? i wouldn’t mind if britney was my sugga mama.

    make money online- nice. i never checked those particular search terms. recently, google has rearranged my ranking for make money keywords. but hopefully i will be back. πŸ˜‰

    jeff- it’ll happen. just make sure that you keep updating and getting links.

    solreka- 50 blogs isn’t that hard. u have to have main blogs and the pawn blogs. can’t set up 50 major blogs, but if you have small less updated blogs, 50 isn’t that hard to do.

    bcarter- yeah, i’m a big believer in that. set up 100 sites that make 1 dollar a day. might be easier to do then setting up one site that makes 100 a day. πŸ˜‰

    moneyenergy- i think people think it’s hard to set up a hundred sites cause they never tried it. or they think of their main site. if you set up 100 sites, you won’t make them all big. the key is to divide your time and update less frequently on the other sites.

    freelance- that’s be sweet. have a cash cow of a website that makes a g day.

    profit fx- hmmm. yes? i guess you made a few typos.

    dena- me too. i just want to make vacation and tech toy money with this blog. anything more is just icing on the cake.

    jumble blogger- u joker u πŸ˜‰

    fit4all- god bless you for your positive attitude. yeah, swing big. you’ll miss most times, but imagine if one connects. it’s a homerun. πŸ˜‰

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