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make money online with elizabeth hurleyI like to learn by looking at examples. The Noob is very mathmatical. I think i always felt comfortable around numbers. As a child, i would not listen to what my math teacher told me. Instead, i’d look at a sample problem and find my own way of solving the equation. I think i do this with blogging. I found my own tricks and secrets by looking at other blogs. I just examine how they make money online.

I have a set routine when it comes to maintaining bloggernoob dot com. I usually start by going through PPP and Sponsored Reviews for paying gigs. (now i do this less) Then, i write up a few filler posts. This usually only takes me 10 mins. Then i write my main post. If i have time, i reply to comments and emails. I check various web forums for news, paying gigs, and blogging jobs.

I try to keep my blogging to a minimum because i wanted to focus on SEO. I’ve hit the front page of google for “make money blog” and “make money blogging.” Now i want to try to break thru the ranks for “make money online.” How will i do this? Easy, i’ll just look at some examples.

Currently, “make money online” is held by bidvertiser, moneymakerinfo.blogspot, and carlocab. I look at their blog, and i see a few similarities. The content on these pages are not that good. But they are doing something right to hold the coveted top spot of “make money online.”

Here’s what i noticed. Bidvertiser is a site that gets linkbacks from a lot of the MMO blogs because of their ad program so let’s not focus on them. The other blogs are not that good. They are constantly using their key phrase in their posts. Every other post title has “make money online” in it. The search term is used in deep links to individual posts in their blog. It’s also in bold and repeated in their post. A lot of their category and tags have this search term. Just rinse and repeat these steps and you should start seeing you site up for your desired search term.

Basically, these guys keep hammering away at their key phrase. If you want to work your way up for your search terms, keep using your search term in your blog. Put it in your blog and post titles. Put it in your header and footer. Do this consistently and often. The “make money online” search term is fluid. It isn’t held by an authority site. Meaning that if you work it hard, you can get on the front page of it cause it’s constantly changing. Check out my man Grizzly’s blog for more info about make money online. Grizz, hope you liked the link.

EDIT- Above all, get links to you site. Don’t just focus on links to you homepage. Get links deep within your blog as well. Try to trade links with other noobies and ask them to link you with you search term. You can get free links by commenting on high PR do follow blogs. Also, get in the habit of linking to youself.

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  1. SEO for Blogging

    bloggernoob…repeating the keywords in your posts is a good idea. You should also consider using keywords in your posts.

    I checked your site and it does not have any meta tags. You should add the description and content meta tags so that search engines can easily know what your site is about. The text that you put in the description tag will be displayed in the search results so make sure that it is attractive.

    I wrote a post that includes some info on meta tags. Take a look at it and you may find it helpful.

    If done right, SEO can really do wonders. :)

  2. Trent Brownrigg

    Another thing those sites do that are at the top of Google for Make Money Online is get lots of inbound links. That’s why they don’t need killer content and ten posts everyday because all the links the accrue keep them at the top.

    And yes I am sure Griz will like the link!

  3. justin

    I’ve been trying to figure out how some sites get so high in page ranks with poor content. Thanks for the great tips. Awesome blog too.

  4. the noob Post author

    seo for blogging- yeah i gotta do something about the meta tags. thanks for the reminder and i’ll be checking out your blogpost. 😉

    trent brownrigg- yup. thats why i love this game. the links u get now, will probably remain a year from now. this means that as you blog grows, u can do less work and still get high ranking in google search, and traffic.

    justin- content is secondary in the make money online niche. 😉 that’s why most mmo blogs are shitty. 😉

  5. Sire

    My BlogSire blog is top for ‘blogging the money way’ but that wasn’t so hard to do considering the choice of words.

  6. Holly

    I agree that they are there just because of there links and keyword use. I have started using keywords more on one of my blogs and my traffic is slowly increasing. Back links are very helpful, but if the search engines don’t know what your site is about it doesn’t help.

  7. Grizzly

    Yup… I liked the link! 😉 (Thank You Noob)

    Btw – the meta tags don’t do crap for google and can hurt you if they are stuffed with the same keyword over and over so be careful if you use them. It now appears as though Yahoo is no longer using meta tags to rank sites either. H1 – H3 tags are all that are necessary to convey your keywords to the bots.

    All that is required to take top spot for the term “make money online” is links. Keyword anchored links and lots of em’ – I have been at it for a while and can tell you first hand that you need a steady stream of links just to stay in the running and a huge amount (daily) to make any headway.

    Since you want to give it a try Noob I’ll stick a nice little link on my blog for you. Watch what happens if a few of your other readers join in… (hint)

    Thanks again Noob


  8. the noob Post author

    sire- that’s a good start tho. there are some sites that don’t even rank for their own domain. 😉

    holly- yeah. because of google, it’s all about the backlinks.

    desmond- not all crap. just most. i’d say that grizz’s blog is solid. one of my weekly reads. 😉

    grizzly- i knew you would. 😉 thanks for the info on meta tags. i know that you research and experiment with SEO and i value you input. i appreciate the link griz, i’m going to reciprocate on my sidebar. enjoy. 😉

    debo hobo- some people learn better by being instructed. i was never like that. give me a math book, and i’ll head straight to the back of the book for sample equations. 😉

  9. Grizzly

    Thanks Noob – the link to the old blog is fine. The new one seems to be getting its share so a few to the other is perfect. Good luck in your quest – would love to see a few friends ranked in the serp’s right along side me.

    Thanks again!

  10. Sire

    Thanks noob. it was a little exercise that I conducted. Trouble is that I don’t have enough time in the day to worry too much about SEO and maintain a job, family and seven blogs apart from trying to use the best key words I can come up with mentally.

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  12. the noob Post author

    grizzly- cool. let me know if you need a favor or whatnot. 😉

    sire- sounds like you got you hands full. hopefully, in time, all this work will turn into somewhat passive income. 😉

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