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sienna millerI used to think that blogspot blogs were lame. I viewed them as time wasters. To me, they were like myspace or facebook pages. Totally worthless for monetization. I’ve matured. I’ve changed my opinion. You can mix in some free blogs with your other website portfolio. It’s a good way to build links to yourself and to set up some nice niche sites. And you can make money online by setting one up. Grizz is a master at this game.

Here I will list all the ways to make money online for free. Free means, that you won’t have to spend any out of pocket funds. All you need to do is invest some time. You will also need an open attitude and determination.

Get yourself a free blog. There’s a plethora of free blogging platforms. Blogspot and WordPress are the two most popular platforms.

The only thing you need to make money online is traffic. Here are some free way of getting traffic. Join Blogcatalog and start networking there. Add friends and start up discussion. Dialog and chat with other bloggers on that network. Join Mybloglog and do the same thing. Join Entrecard and drop cards. Join digitalpoint and sitepoint and contribute to the various threads. Ask questions. Visit and comment on other peoples blogs.

Everything I’ve stated here, I’ve stated multiple times. I repeat myself because that’s all there is to it. So if traffic is what you need to make money online, how does one go about getting traffic. I could state my strategy, but it’ll only be a waste of time. Most of the so called secrets are not secrets. They have been played out. You have to go out and find your own way of getting traffic. You’ll probably want to start by working the search engines. The best way is to keep writing posts and keep getting links. You can speed up the process by hitting your keywords and deep linking to your previous posts. Everything i write seems so blah blah blah. It’s getting late and the noob needs to get some sleep.

6 thoughts on “Make money online for free

  1. Carol

    My blog is in a wholly different genre, but you have hit on something that I wrestle with now and then, and that is repeating my “message”. At first, I thought I had to come up with new information all the time that some of the “bigger” sites had already written about. But then I got to looking at my favorite magazines, blogs, etc., and they post the same topics, but reformat or reword them to look new. Same great info, re-posted for your viewing pleasure. :)

  2. Barry

    Even though my blog is not a blogspot address, it still is a blogspot blog. Your suggestions are good ones, as far as I can tell to get traffic.

    Do you always have an obligatory “hot babe” in all of your posts?


    I always see Blogspot blogs as a place where you can make your internet marketing mistakes.

    I used to make $25 a month through blogspot blogs based solely on adsense…not bad huh?

  4. the noob Post author

    carol- exactly. Most of this stuff is all repackaged shit. I remember my screenwriting professor used to say “there’s only four major movie plots” I think it’s true to a certain degree. It’s are repeat, rinse and repeat.

    barry- yeah i do. im a fan of hot stuff. hot sauce, hot wheels, hot tamales

    grademoney- yeah, great earnings on adsense. i think ur probably in the top 3 percentile. i think you’re right. blogspot blogs are good to test it out. I think when it’s time to move on, you should get your own hosting.

  5. Free Wii Points

    I came across Grizz’s blog a while ago, it is very useful, I was surprised to see a blogspot blog ranking so well. I matured as well, I’m testing out blogspots as well now.

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