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kate beckinsale makes money onlineIf you want to make money online, you need to set goals for yourself. I have said this a few times already but i guess they fell on deaf ears. I see a lot of blogs that fail in making money online. This happens because you don’t actively try to make money with you blog. Bloggers don’t make money online because they expect too much out of their blog. Bloggers don’t make money online because they don’t work hard enough at it.

Whenever you start a new program, it’s important to gauge yourself with someone else. When you start a workout routine, it helps to have someone with you. This way, you can measure your progress and performance. Running by yourself can be a good workout, but it makes it more fun when you have a friend who will run with you. You can also help each other out by challenging each other to run longer and faster.

I use this running analogy to help some of you understand. If you want to make it in this blogging game, you need to have friends who are bloggers. Most people that i know in my offline world, don’t blog. I had to learn all this shit by myself. But, as i got better, i found a few bloggers who were helpful. These blogging friends helped me with the SERPS. We exchange links and do favors for each other. You need to find friends in the blogosphere if you want to make money online.

You also need to set some realistic goals for yourself. If you are starting out as a complete noobie, then set your bar low. Don’t think that you’re going to make a lot of money with you blog. You should be happy with some Starbucks or McDonalds money. Even if you just make 5 bucks with you blog, you should consider yourself to be lucky. There are millions of blogs that don’t even make 5 bucks. And to put things in perspective, there are people in certain countries that don’t even make 5 bucks a year. $5 is a lot of money guys. If you don’t have this type of attitude, you will most likely give up on your blog.

You should also set traffic and search engines goals. When you start your blog, have certain search engine keywords in mind. If you set up a beauty blog, try to start off with keywords that are not too competitive. Do some random searches on google and see how many search results show up. Find a set of keywords that have less then a million results. Start off with that. Develop backlinks and measure your progress in the search engines.

Search engine traffic is all you need, but they are hard to get. It takes time to get search traffic. So in the mean time, work on social traffic. Try to leave a lot of comments on small blogs. Get involved in web forums to promote your blog one by one.

When i started out, i was happy to get 10 visitors to my site. I slowly worked my way up to 600-900 visitors a day. Grow your blog 10 people at a time. Do this with other ranking systems like Alexa, technorati, and feed subscribers.

These mini goals will make it more fun to grow your blog. If you don’t set goals for you blog, you might not be motivated to grow your blog. I used to make up games for me and my brother to play as a kid. I would time him to take out the trash. I still do this with certain chores. When i need to do the dishes, i time myself on my ipod. I try to get it done before the 4 song ends. These little games/goals can make it a little more fun to do things. Blogging is not all fun and games. It’s fun at times, but there are moments when i don’t want to update. During these times, i try to set a new goal for myself. Even if you don’t achieve your goal, the trying part will help you grow your blog. Noob out!

11 thoughts on “Make money online goals

  1. Ralph

    Nice tips. I’m always reading these blogs where successful money makers are talking about a recent sale and how they made ONLY a $200 profit or something.
    I’m asking myself what the hell they mean by ONLY…
    You just made more money then some people in this country make a week in one or two days by buying, fixing up, and re-selling a site…

  2. John D

    Yes i agree it is important to set goals, but modest ones. Sometimes, the primary goal shouldn’t be to make money, but rather focus energy and time on articles. Lots of others have said, if content is good, people will come back. And like Greg said, if you work hard and be patient money will come.

  3. shy guy

    Hm… I agree that we must works with someone,.. Sometimes I don’t trust person on net…
    But with their helps my work is more easy and money keep on coming..

  4. Bill

    I have 4 sites right now and have a few friends here. i only have one site that has a pr on it. If you could would you comment on my site. Tell me what you think. It would be greatly appreciated. If not i understand.

  5. Bill

    Thanks for checking it out. I think i have to get rid of a few things there because it is making the site very slow. Thanks for checking in.

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