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make money onlineI told you guys that i’ve been hitting the search engines. I started working my key search terms on this site after a couple months of blogging. I never consulted with with any so called SEO experts but i think i’m doing ok. Today, i just checked out my blog for search term “make money online” and i’m on the 4th page. In seven months, i was able to make close to $10,000 with this blog. In addition, it looks like i will get to the front page of google for “make money online.” Not too shabby for a noob!

I’m telling you guys, you have to work the search engines. Search engine traffic is the type of traffic that will help you make money online. That’s because people actually pay money for it. Do you realize how much you have to pay adwords for “make money online?” It’s ridiculous.

make money blogI thought that i would lose my ranking for my other term because i’ve been working so much on “make money online.” But that didn’t happen. I still remain on the first page for “make money blog” and second page for “make money blogging.”

make money bloggingThese key terms bring in a lot of new hits to my blog. You know what’s surprising? My porn search term is bringing me the most hits. Apparently, people love PORN! Go figure. I’m on the first page for “porn affiliate” and “porn affiliates.”

porn affiliatesIt’s fitting cause most make money blogs are just pure garbage. MMO blogs are just as filthy as Porn blogs. Noob out!

7 thoughts on “Make Money Online goals

  1. Talen

    This is something I need to focus more on. In 9 months I have a couple first page results. My main keyword phrase is on the first page of gooogle but I’m still lagging on the main keywords.

    Anything to do with sex ranks well. I did one offbeat post about nipple cream almost 9 months ago and I still get daily google traffic from people looking for every kind of nipple you can imagine…and some you probably can’t.

  2. jj

    I enjoyed this post as we are all looking for a good page rank, and I am especially trying to keep my page rank as the prior owner had it. I think it’s interesting that your porn affiliate is bringing you the most hits. I guess its true sex sells. **JJ**

    I may need some help with the c-panel later on down the road if you don’t mind? **JJ**

  3. malen

    That is cool. Did you work for traffic like submitting articles or submitting your blog to blog directories or was it just because you just consistently post on your blog. Blogging is fun but I find it so time consuming to work on your traffic. This occupies more time than a regular job, lol.

  4. Desmond -

    Hi Noob,

    my site depends heavily on direct traffic and links from others. I neglected SEO and things bite back at me.

    I’m just wondering what are the keys to get listed on such search term?

  5. the noob Post author

    talen- nipple cream? awesome. why didn’t i think about that. 😉

    jj- i don’t mind at all. hit me up when you need some help. 😉 oh yeah, you need to answer my question tho via email. how much did you buy the blog for?

    malen- yeah it can get time consuming. i did a lot of things. i didn’t submit articles, but i did some stumbling and networking via blogcatalog and DP. and of course, posting constantly helps.

    desmond- the secret? it’s easy. just keep working in your search terms in your posts. and title and label each pic and post. it also helps to give youself links with your search term. and of course, u need to get a lot of links from other sites.

  6. wendy

    Soon as I can figure where my new blog is going to take me I will have to start in with the key words as well.

    Have some but need to define and re-work them.

    Need to figure out to label pics. Any suggestions?? Course I guess I could just check yours out

  7. bloggernoob

    wendy- when you upload your image files, be sure to label and describe it. that is all. simple right? saw your blog, not too shabby wendy. good thing you switched right? hard in the beginning, but u get the hang of it

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