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make money online with angelina jolie and income reportsIncome reports help you make money online. They are a cheap and easy way to market and brand your MMO blog. It’s very unoriginal and it’s rather sleazy, but it works. Every time i put up one of these suckers, i get a lot of referral sign ups. I also see a nice boost in traffic. I think people love to read about other peoples’ money. Look at Forbe’s rich list. Look at all those trashy VH1 and E! celebrity profile shows. Dude! MTV Cribs! We are a generation of lazy ass losers and nothing makes us more happier then watching what other people have. It’s sad, but if you’re a sleazy “make money online” type, (like me) you should exploit it. Since i’m leaving for Seattle and then Vancouver, i wanted to post a collection of my past income reports. It might be a good way to examine bloggernoob dot com’s growth.

My Income

1st month income – Total-712.91

Income after 50 days – Total- $1827.22

Income after 2 and a half months (end of 2007) – Total – $2392.74

Income after 100 days – TOTAL- $3859.79

Income after 125 days – TOTAL- $5820.58

Income after 6 months – TOTAL- $7515.40

Income after 7 months – TOTAL- $9604.59

Income after 8 months – TOTAL- $11,471.12

Income after 9 months – TOTAL- $13,712.26

This post is a great example of highlighting your old posts. When your blog grows and you have a lot of content that you already wrote, you should do a greatest hits post like this one. You don’t have to think up anything new and you got yourself another hit record. Just like pop music! Look through your archives and find the posts that you thought were special. Put them back up for display. Noob out!

38 thoughts on “Make Money Online Income Reports

  1. Moolahking

    Noob, you should sign up with top money maker list and see how well you can improve yourself among other famous bloggers.

    To make money online is actually an easy task, but not everybody can achieve it. Knowing that someone did well in making money, turn lots of other bloggers to drop by and witness the earnings.

    You really did a good job, noob. Will always be your loyal reader.

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  3. Wayne

    My question as a beginner about to begin is are these numbers cumulative or are they per month, i.e. for that last month listed with earnings of $13,712.26. Is that the earnings for the ninth month or is that the total earnings for the entire nine months?

    Either way I am enjoying your blog and leaning.. thanks


  4. Asim


    Well since your income is growing shouldn’t your baby be growing as well?… Change it to an older kid’s image lol…

    b/w i really like what your doing here.
    If its possible i want to challenge you .

    The challenge is that you have to make me earn $1000 . This month I will be sincere dedicated and honest hardworking . It would makeup a great story and first of its kind.

    And i will give you more than half of what i earn . What would you say to that ? Noob !

  5. the noob

    Great income stats noob!

    BTW, Can you post something about buying websites becuase I want to buy a website but doesn’t understand a thing about buying. Don’t forget to explain what is a BIN and what does it do.

  6. Asim

    Hey like are you talking to your self ^^.

    Well its ok thanks for stopping buy and advertising on my site . The baby doesn’t want to grow up haha….

    B/w I will be following you.

  7. goofblogger

    Very nice income results Mr Bloggernoob ! It is also nice to hear that you are building a real estate portfolio at the same time as focusing in on your domain portfolio. Diversifying is something that I am also trying to keep in mind.

  8. Bogdan Ionescu


    Sorry for posting this message as a comment, but this was the easiest way to contact you… I don’t mind if you delete it (actually, it would be a good idea… later you’ll see why 😉 ).

    I was an EntreCard user too a few weeks ago… when was still a knowledge blog… you might remember it.

    I’d like to let you know about my new website which allows you to promote yourself as an expert and earn some money too… The new website is online for a couple of weeks now…

    Learniacs now allows you to become a trusted expert in your field and earn money directly into your Google AdSense account from the articles you publish. You can easily interact with other people and learn from other successful members.

    But this gets a lot more interesting when you bring new people to the system, because you also earn half of what they earn on their articles. And it doesn’t stop here. If your referrals manage to bring some new people to the system, you will also earn money from them and so on, for 10 levels deep.

    However you don’t have to bring new people to your network if you don’t want to. You can use the system for any of its features you like and without any restrictions. But, if you decide it would be a good idea to grow your network, the system provides very easy to use tools to invite others to join your network.

    There is no limit of how many articles you can publish, how many new people you can bring to the system or how much money you can earn! And you can write about absolutely any subject you like!

    The best thing about Learniacs is that people are helping each other so, if you register as my direct referral, you’ll have all my support. I’m willing to help you make money because your success is my success too. So, please, do not modify the following link if you decide to sign up: (it takes less than 30 seconds, trust me).

    Thank you for your time and see you there!
    Bogdan Ionescu

  9. make money

    Wow your earnings are impressive keep up the good work. I know what you mean, there was a program on the tv last night about womens greatest earners/worth it was really interesting and they didn’t always make the most of their money where you’d think!

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  13. Jani

    Omg, this is amazing! I’ll check out the rest of your blog, but you should share everything about how you did it!
    I mean 700$ first month? That’s crazy!
    And you’re right about income reports, I’ll definitely try out on my blogs. thanks
    and maybe these ladies also help you in traffic 😉

  14. the noob Post author

    desmond- thanks

    m4stono- not quite. don’t think i’ll become rich with my blog. but hopefully i can set up other sites and one of them can become something special. 😉 keep the dream alive!

    zawadi- yup. i knew u would. sleazy is my middle name.

    moolahking- 45n5 is a kiss ass site. i was on that list when i first started, but the 45n5 guy removed my blog cause i wrote too many paid plugs. it’s all good, i outrake him for mmo keywords anyway. 😉 and he has a damn list with a lot of backlinks from noobies who want in on that list. maybe i should start my own lame mmo list. 😉

    wayne- i wish they were per month. income is total income. so each monthly, i add the total. if i was making over 10k a month, i’d do it full time. hell, i’d set up a few more of these sites. 😉

    ethanator1088- maybe i need to buy bloggernotsonoob dot com.

    million dollar pages of knowledge- part time.

    asim- yeah, i should try to photoshop an older noob image. maybe i’ll make a contest out of it. 😉 should be fun. hmm, u post an interesting challenge. shoot me an email with details. 😉

    jumble blogger- that was luck tho. i got a few of my friends to start their own blogs. got me some nice commission.

    the noob- hmm, i guess someone is pretending to be me in the comment section of my own blog. don’t do that. whoever u are or i will track your ip address and report you.

    asim- no, that was some guy trying to pretend to be me. it’s been happening every once in a while. i guess i’m getting famous.

    goofblogger- i told u, mr bloggernoob is my father. just call me noob. or bloggernoob. 😉 real estate will always be my day job. i know money is there, but im rather excited about my internet ventures. got a couple sites in the works and my domain collection is becoming quite an investment. 😉

    tanner- huh?

    bogdan lonescu- um, thanks.

    money while u sleep- i like the pics too. 😉

    dingexx- i thought i was sharing the tips. 😉 it’s not much. all u need to do is get links, get traffic. repeat and you’re there. no need for tips. 😉

    pinoy rich jerk- thanks.

    make money- thanks. yeah, so many programs about other peoples money.

    jani- ladies always help in getting traffic. i wish i was a sexy girl, i’d be making tens of thousands of dollars with this same blog. i would post pictures of myself all over this blog if i was sexy.

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  18. kkveer

    Can you please suggest me at what will the smorty oppurtunities available to Indian bloggers. Please tell me approximately and will it be available atleast once in a week? I got to give up looking for it

  19. Spirit

    Oh, that’s not half bad. It could be better, but it could also be worse. I’ve got something to aspire to now. 😀

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