Make Money Online Ipod Contest Winners

make money online with contestsSeriously you guys. Why do i have to bribe you folks to get some comment love? It slows the loading of the post, but i wouldn’t mind if i got 220 comments on every post. Maybe i shouldn’t be so comment greedy. Every other post? My make money online blog got a nice boost in traffic and comments because of this contest. I also managed to tack on some free links as well. I didn’t even force the links on you guys either. Thanks to all who went the extra mile and linked to my blog. The Noob appreciates it.

I was going to make the whole thing random, but that wouldn’t be fair to people who linked to my blog. I didn’t expect so many non bloggers who enter this contest. So i divided the prize pool into three categories.

The First prize (ipod nano) will be given out to a random winner, regardless of if you linked to bloggernoob or not.

The Second prize (Video Camera) will be given out to one of the bloggers who linked to my blog.

The Third ($50 AMEX) and Fourth prizes (2gb usb pen) will be handed out at random. If you left a comment, that counts as 1 entry. (even if you commented twice, u were given one card) If you left a comment and linked, i put two cards in the deck for you guys. So that slightly increased the odds in your favor.

I Checked to see that the links were valid. I also filtered out some spam entries. It took a long ass time but i was happy with the outcome of this contest. Tomorrow, i will post a list of all the sites that helped me out with this contest. Stay Tuned, you might pick up a few tricks for promoting a contest.

Ok, without further ado. Let me announce the WINNERS! The Winner of the Ipod Nano is designbycha. Congrats! The Winner of the Video Cam is Jared Stenzel. Congrats! The Winner of the $50 AMEX is paul. Congrats! The Winner of the 2gb usb pen is Wanda. Congrats!

Thanks to all who entered! Winners should leave me a comment below and email me at with your address. I will forward that to Debby over at Market Leverage and she will ship the prizes out to you. They are really good about shipping things out so you should receive the prizes shortly. I’d like to thank ML for sponsoring this contest. If you haven’t already joined up with them, you should do so now. They have helpful affiliate managers who will work with you to make money online.

I really had no idea that the contest would going to draw so much attention. I thought the odds of winning were going to be better. I kinda feel bad. So, i decided to give the linkers a little treat. I’m linking you back.

m. dinesh
Jay You were right. I was wrong. Lakers Suck. Boston Celtics are the greatest team in the world. The big three are super human ballers. I’m an idiot for betting against the great datmoney. Next time, i will not enter into such a bad bet. Celtics Rule! (i love a bet)
G. Smith
Mark K
Rob Kuhns
May G
International Freebies
zac johnson
Yang Thor

If i missed anyone, let me know. My eyes are blurry from all this linking. A few of you linked in a forum cause you don’t have a blog. I appreciate it. And, you should start a blog! Thanks again to all who commented and linked to my blog. If you want to check out the lego video in the image above, check out my youtube page. That stupid little clip got like 1.7 million hits!

15 thoughts on “Make Money Online Ipod Contest Winners

  1. betshopboy

    Congrats to all prize winners! Enjoy your new toys!

    Gosh, I would really love to win the Nano or the Flip. Well, maybe better luck next time.

  2. Debby Phillips

    Thank you Sean for hosting this contest. Congratulations to all of the winners. Once I receive all of the winners information we will ship out the prizes and you should receive them early next week unless you are international.

  3. Rohit

    Hey Noob,good to see that you have changed the rules!.That was a great decision and KUDOS for you!.

    Thanks for the link and Congrats to all the winners!! :)

  4. Jay

    I should’ve made you buy a Celtics jersey and wear it and take a picture LOL! That would’ve been great!

    But congratulations to the winners! For all the losers, my contest is still going on! 😛


  5. DotDriven

    Congrats to all the winners! I think in the end Market Leverage is the real winner ;). A super efficient way to get the whole “industry” of marketing bloggers to talk about you and join up. If anything it shows they really know how to market and that is a good sign for an ad agency.

  6. bloggernoob

    betshopboy- thanks for entering and being a good sport. I run a lot of contests on my blog. If sure if you keep entering, one of them will hit 😉

    Debby- thanks for sponsoring the contest. 😉 when i get the addresses, i will shoot u an email.

    rohit- thanks for entering. u didn’t win this time, but keep entering my contests and you’ll get one. 😉

    jared- congrats jared. i received you email. i’m waiting on the others. When i get them in, i will shoot debby an email and u should get your camera within a week.

    jay- what can i say. Celtics were the better team in that series. Paul Piece has an Ugly game, but he’s damn good. Jay, i’m in your touney. wish me luck!

    zawadi- thanks for entering and being a good sport. i appreciate it zawadi.

    dotdriven- true that. Market Leverage got a lot of buzz sponsoring these contests. They’re becoming a major player in the affiliate marketing game.

  7. Rob

    Thanks for the linkback, bloggernoob. That’s awesome of you. I’m disappointed I didn’t win. Maybe next time? 😉

  8. the noob Post author

    designbycha- yeah crazy. congrats! got ur email. i will pass ur address onto debby at marketleverage.

    mike huang- no u are not spam. 😉

    rob- yep, there’s always next time.

  9. sunil

    hiya there.. tht was a nice contest.. anyways i got a domain here.. i have lots.. but the contest was int dude.. lokking forward for more such giveaways to spend my time on..

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