Make money online on weekends

kate hudson makes money online on weekendsWeekends are a lazy time. Most people go out and enjoy life during the weekend. Most people like to max and relax. Most blogger take a break from their blog and not post anything new. I can understand this mentality, but when you are starting a new blog, you really should work overtime. That means that you should be posting when others are not. This will get you blog indexed better and faster. Visitors who want new info will come to your website. By posting on the weekend, you will make more money online. I believe in hard work. Blogging on the weekends isn’t all that hard. Even if you don’t have much to say, write something. It will help you get more disciplined.

When i started this blog, i was a robot. I posted a lot. I posted even when i had nothing to say. Doing this forced my site onto the index of google. It also got me in the habit of writing. When other bloggers take a break, you should be posting.

9 thoughts on “Make money online on weekends

  1. SolReka

    noob, stop posting pictures of beautiful women. Plueaze :-)

    My eyes are starting to go cross-eyed lol

    PS Can you tell I’m single :-(((

    “Women, they are a decorative sex, what they say, they say quite charmingly” (Oscar Wilde)

  2. Dot Com Dud

    I have to agree (even if I don’t always follow through with it). In fact, I’ve noticed traffic even increases sometimes on weekends, I imagine a lot of the people who don’t use their computer during the week come online on the weekend.

  3. the noob Post author

    solreka- sorry. i can’t help myself. 😉

    justin- im lazy too. but my greed takes over. since i’m already making money with my blog, i am able to overcome the my lazy nature. just hang in there and it’ll start getting easier, once u start seeing more and more income.

    dot com dud- yeah, i think some people use the internet more on weekends.

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