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make money online like keira knightley and chanelMost of you guys are just bloggers. A lot of you just want to make a few bucks on the side. But i know that some of you dream of making full time income online. If you want to make money online, you should really add a collection of sites to your arsenal. Making full time income with just your blog is very difficult. There’s probably only around 5 guys who make full time income in the MMO niche. That’s why you should consider setting up different type of sites.

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Noobies have a hard time with starting. I’ve been there and to be honest, i’m actually still there. I don’t know where to begin with most of my project. I really wish there was someone to give me a push. But none of my close friends are into internet marketing or web business. And, i have trouble trusting other webmasters. (So many scammers-especially in the make money online niche)

I’ll tell you what i know. When you’re thinking about setting up other sites, go the free route. I’m assuming that most of you already have web hosting. If you’re a blogspot or blogger, then you should really consider getting your own shared hosting. It’ll pay for itself in a couple months.

When you login to fantastico, you’ll see a list of free content management systems. We’ll focus on that. Set up an installation of all of them. You’ll discover that it’s not that much different from wordpress. Some are a bit more complex like drupal and joomla, but if you feel fairly comfortable with wordpress, you’ll figure it out. Just do searches in google for free info on those platforms.

Within that cpanel/fantastico list, you can set up web forums, photo galleries, and php database driven sites. The possibilities are endless. When you’re setting these new sites. Follow the basic blog rule. Set up niche sites. If you’re trying to launch a new webmasters forum using phpbb, it’s probably not going to fly. There are too many solid webmaster forum using vbulletin. But, if you find an ultra specific niche, you got yourself a new project. Think really specific and you’ll increase your success rate.

After you get comfortable with the fantastico installations, you can move on to other free content management systems. I’m at this stage right now. It looks like Google is continuing talks to buy Digg for $200. This news inspires me to try to set up my own digg type site using Pligg. Sites like sphinn and bloggingzoom use pligg. Just like wordpress, it’s free and not that difficult to manage.

4 thoughts on “Make Money Online Portfolio

  1. goofblogger

    Interesting information. I always thought that it would too difficult to go the forums route or to set up content management systems in general. I will try out a few.

  2. the noob Post author

    greg ellison- exactly, the money makers do so by doing a lot of different things online. can’t make a living just by blogging.

    goofblogger- ain’t nuttin in life too difficult. gotta take baby steps, but once u learn the ropes, all is possible. Digg was started by Rose with an investment of a few thousand dollars. It’ll sell for 200 million. How’s that for dreaming big!

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