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adriana lima makes money onlineI’m at a point where i run my blog like a routine. I don’t really think about my posts that much. I just write them on the fly. Having a routine saves me a lot of time, but i feel like my blog is losing it’s edge. The energy of the blog has dropped. It’s only natural to experience lows, but i feel very dry with this blog. I’ve even thought about getting guest bloggers. I’m not a big fan of guest bloggers, but because of my dry spell, it got me thinking. I think the whole idea of making money online is very exciting. But, because i’ve developed a boring routine, it’s becoming a chore. It’s like i have a job. I don’t work the hours like a real job, but i’m starting to not want to go to work.

So today, i did something totally different. I didn’t work on my blog. I just posted a basketball post and watched the NBA finals. It’s like a mini vacation. When you don’t feel like blogging, don’t. Step away and do something away from your computer. Go hit the gym. Go to the bar. Hang out with some homegirls and homeboys. Blogging routines might save time, but don’t get sucked into them. Try to mix it up a little. After i finish this last sentence, i’m gonna go for a walk. I’m gonna get me a Chicago hotdog and rent me a DVD. I think i’ll turn in early. No blogging for me today.

I think i might reconsider my stance against guest bloggers. If any of you are interested in guest blogging on bloggernoob dot com, leave me a comment. I’ll hit you up.

10 thoughts on “Make money online routine

  1. Jared Stenzel

    I’d be interested in it. It all depends upon the recognition the guest poster gets with their post. Like the rules for links to their own site where you could find the other posts by the blogger.

  2. wil from fl

    Making money online is said to be easy by those who know how to do it but don’t really share real info, or those who just pretend.
    I found a site that promises not only to pay you, but pay you recuringly every month. And all you have to do is show people a video – well, really drive traffic to the video and let the company work on selling the product.

    I’m sharing the info on my site.

  3. the noob Post author

    jared- i will include a guest post page, and you can add a link to your blog.

    desmond- seems our digital age has created a bunch of computer potatoes. it’s not healthy to be living in virtual reality. don’t hang out with friends(do myspace,facebook) don’t call(text message) don’t play sports(play sports video game)

    mattheosis- yeah. i would have to say that’s my biggest weakness aswell.

    exinco- you’re still having trouble finding solid stream of income? was that your question?

    wil from fl- pay per play. have you been making money with it? i tried it on a tv blog, but it didn’t work. it’s kinda like adsense. people won’t click. and people won’t watch clips on blogs. when i visit a blog and see an video embedded, i rarely click to watch it.

  4. Mize

    Hi. Found your blog trough Entercard and liked it right away. Blogging can be really time consuming and stressful, because bloggers tend to work more than in a real job. Making money online is not easy, and if your start on your own, like I did, gets even more difficult. So, sometimes you really need some time off, otherwise you can burnout.
    Regards. Mizé.

  5. the noob Post author

    mize- yeah. it can get very time consuming. when i first started this blog, i would spend more then 8 hours a day. with no break. i would have to agree. it could be something that sucks your time. 😉

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