Make money online soap analogy

cameron diazWhat type of soap do you use? Ivory? Irish Springs? Dove? Maybe you don’t use a bar soap. What kind of shower gel do you use? I ask because i had a mini argument with my wife the other day. It was about soap. “Allegedly” i bought the wrong kind of soap over at Costco. My argument was that they’re all the same. Before i could finish my argument, i had to sit through an hour long lecture about the importance of soap. Anyway, i’m using my blog to vent out my frustrations. Maybe it’ll get me a few sympathy clicks. That’ll make me feel better cause it’ll help me make money online.

How does soap relate to blogging. Let me think. To the untrained eye, soap is soap. I’m sure only a select group of people (my wife included) can really tell the difference. Websites are similar. Not a lot of web surfers can tell the difference from a well developed website from a regular free script, free theme website. People don’t check the rankings. You think webmasters can tell the difference? Not really. Most web masters are as noob as me. They don’t know that much about coding or web building. That’s why design is so important. Most people can only see the exterior. Most people judge websites on the appearance.

How can you take this bit of information and turn it into profits? You can develop professional looking sites. It could be any type of site. You can set up a site that sells software. Just find some cheap software and purchase the resale rights to it. Then you set up a site that sells that product. Build up that site. Get it search engine ready and maybe even buy some links to quickly build up the ranking. Hire a designer to make it look as professional as possible. Then market the hell out of it. If the software work even a little well, you should be able to turn a profit from that site.

Don’t be intimated by other peoples websites. I’ve been reading and researching a lot of different websites. I’ve found that most “professional” looking websites aren’t that professional. It’s probably run by guys like you and me. Except just a half step ahead. If you know how to make a few bucks with your blog, you can probably set up other types of websites. The trick is to make it look professional. Don’t have to be a professional to make a website look professional. Like how i couldn’t tell the difference between regular soap and luxury soap, web surfers can’t difference between your site from and a more professional one.

4 thoughts on “Make money online soap analogy

  1. Matt

    So what you’re basically saying is I need a template that looks a bit more unique? Make it look professional and people will think I am professional?

  2. Chelle

    Usually it is my hubby getting angry at ME for buying the wrong soap, lol. You should see if your wife likes safeguard antibacterial soap? I never tried it before but my hubby made me get it and i finally see what he is talking about how not all soaps are created equal. it smells sooooo good and clean and leaves your skin so soft:) I’m sure though everybody has their own preferences.

    On a blogging related note, it’s hard to know if you give off the appearance of “professional” – that could be a good future article suggestion for you :) Obviously a blogspot blog does not seem professional…but in a sea of wordpress themes and plug-ins and content it’s hard to say what defines “pro”…

  3. bloggernoob

    matt- did it seems like thats what i meant? my bad. i write posts on the fly, i don’t know what i’m talking about most of the time 😉

    I meant that anybody could set up a “professional” website. It’s not just about themes or templates. I was talking about bigger projects. You could set up a price comparison shop. You could set up a site like entrecard. You could set up a blog networking site like blogcatalog. Heck, you could be the next facebook type billionaire. Of course it’s a long shot, but maybe you could end up with a site that’s worth 100 mil. If not 100, then just 1 million. If not a million, a hundred thousands.

    Chelle- i used to knock on blogspot blogs, but i have to take it back now. I’ve visited a lot of blogspot blogs that are far superious in content and design. The only problem is, the stigma. Free hosted sites give off the non preofessional vibe. If i get an email from a free email account, i don’t take it very seriously. If i’m meeting up with someone about an investment, the first impression matters. Thats why a lot of sales brokers/agents drive fancy cars. Its to try to give off a better impression. It sounds superficial, but that how i’ve seen the world work. When you go to a business meeting, you try to wear a powersuit, power tie, power shoes. You can’t show up in short and flip flops. You can only do that if you’re a silicon valley millionaire.

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