make money online the shamwow marketing tactic

You guys have probably heard of shamwow. If you haven’t, let me explain. Shamwow is nothing more then a rag. It is a super absorbant rag. I’ve seen this thing being sold at swap meets for over a decade. But, some genius decided to buy up some late night tube time and market it to hicks living in the Ozarks. The marketing tactic is pure genius. The big selling point of shamwow is that it is made in Germany. WTF? In order to make money online, you gotta be a fast talking demo salesmen.

The make money online game is a sham. It is a fake. Most of what is out there is hyped up bull shit. There are a few make money online bloggers who actually know what they are talking about. If you frequently visit grizz’s make money online blog, then you already know one quality MMO blog. But the rest are just crap. Mine included. The whole point of this game is to sell noobies things that they do not need. The whole point of this game is to trick noobies into buying our shit. The shit can be links, reviews, ebooks, memberships, or ad space. Let me just tell you, don’t pay for shit. If you really want to pay for something, join a link building community like connectcontent. RT Cunningham set up a super site that helps you get authority links. Something like this will actually help you in the long run. But other then that, don’t pay for anything. Do some research and you’ll find that most of the useful MMO stuff are free.

MMO bloggers (including myself) like to dangle our income reports. We do this because it somehow convinces idiot readers that we are actually making money online. It could all be fake! It’s all lies! There is a reason why most MMO bloggers try to sell off their blogs after about 6 months. The money that we make dries out in time. The only way you can secure consistent income is via adsense or affiliate earnings. If you spend a lot of time on social networks you’re not going to succeed. If you waste your time networking with other MMO bloggers, you’re just going to end up selling your blog for $5000 sooner or later.

I think that you should consider two options for the MMO niche. Either start a really clever scam, or study google and adsense.

Let me be honest with you guys. Most of the tips and tricks that you will find on MMO blogs will not help you out. I think that i’ve been pretty successful with this blog, but i know that im full of bullshit. I have to be. That’s the way MMO marketing is done. We do not need pages upon pages of new content. It’s all about getting links. Plain and simple. So most of what i write is just fluff. It’s like sunday school. Just keep repeating the same shit from the same ancient book. If you want all of the secrets of internet marketing, find an old marketing book in the public domain. Copy it and and you got yourself an internet marketing blog.

Sorry for my babbling. It’s late and i have to back for LA. Hope my flight isn’t canceled. My rant is done. Noobie out! Happy holidays and have a happy new year!

16 thoughts on “make money online the shamwow marketing tactic

  1. Zawadi

    Hey noob,

    I don’t know if i have a MMO blog or not, because i really don’t use allot of space to try and sell blog or website related content. not as much as some i have seen. The competition out there is huge and who hasn’t already signed up with some other authority site first???
    This i have learned is a waste of time.

    i am just blogging about what I am learning and also what entrepreneurship is and how young people and older have made use of the Internets global reach.

    For me i guess my blog is a tool for learning.

    I think you are a good blogger noob and I appreciate your honesty.

    hope the new year bring you lots of money from the net ! i made my first check and will post it as soon as it arrives.

  2. pinaykeypoint

    Thanks for adding me in your BC list :) I added you back…

    Happy New year!! Wishing you the best of 2009. Good Life & Good health to you and your family. More blessings to all of us. Cheers!! :)

  3. Dave Spears

    I agree with you that to make money online it is definitely smarter to stay away from personal blogging as a means to producing income from home. I liked your post about Shamwow–it just goes to prove the point that it is always “all about the marketing…”

  4. Michael

    You can also start a niche market dating site to earn extra money online. You have to find a niche that isn’t being saturated though. You also must know your audience.


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