Make money online with a killer 125×125 ad

125x125 pixel ads make money onlineI don’t know how these little 125×125 pixel ads became the norm, but it definitely is. Look around you. Entrecard, spott, and projectwonderful all use these ads to push their service. Big name blogs like techcrunch make over $200,000 a month pushing these sidebar image ads. So, it probably helps to design a really eye catching one. I’ll teach you how to design a killer 125×125 ad. If you’re going to make money online, you’re going to need to advertise at some point.

Colors. The color you choose to paint your ad is important. It helps with you branding efforts and it can mean the difference between an eye catching ad or one that gets unnoticed in the background. Depending on where the ad is placed, u should try to pick a color that pops up at you. Red seems to work for me and Coca Cola. But, it all depends on your niche and theme. If you have a green theme placed on your eco green blog, then you probably want to opt for a green 125×125 pixel ad.

Text. 125×125 pixel ads don’t allow you to put a lot of text. It’s not a big space, but if you use it well, the click thru rate on that ad will increase. Out of the ads you see on the top of this post, which ones seems to stick out? That’s right, the ones that read “$10 sign-on bonus” and “Get paid.” Put two or three words that capture the readers attention. Think adwords campaign.

Graphics. Don’t try to make elaborate graphics on your 125×125 ad. Think simple. The best logos and products usually have a simple design. Think Apple. Think Ipod and Iphone. You’ll want to project a sleek modern vibe. It makes your site seem more professional. Of course, your site’s theme should be able to match the professional ad you placed. Don’t let your visitor be disappointed when they click over to your site. You don’t want a potential buyer to come to your site and see something ghetto do you?

Tricks. I assume that everyone of you have photoshop. Even if you don’t have the full version, you should at least have the “Elements” version. It really is a great tool for webmasters. If you prefer a different image editor, try finding some free ones. Do a google search for “free image editors.” You should be able to find one easy. Later, when you invest in a photo editor, buy Photoshop.

Screenshots. Screenshots are your friend. It’s a great way to capture any image on your computer. If you can get it to show on your browser or desktop, you can capture that image. Just click on the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard to capture. Open up Microsoft Paint(comes standard with Windows) and click “edit” then “paste.” You got yourself a ScreenShot!

When you put together you image ad, make sure you format it well. (gif and jpeg) You don’t want your 125×125 ad to exceed 12kb. Try to think up how you’re going to brand your site. Brainstorm your slogan and pitch. Put together a simple logo. Pick your color and mash all of the follow together to make that perfect 125×125 pixel ad.

6 thoughts on “Make money online with a killer 125×125 ad

  1. dr801

    125×125 px its the best banner size for blog. the old days 468×60 px and 125×125 px. hmm i wonder what next

  2. Puneet

    yea 125×125 px banner is the best to earn from blog and advertising too … and the benefits of such banners u have already explained above.

  3. the noob Post author

    chris at synpro- i actually don’t know. i have photoshop on my mac too. I’d do a search on google for “Mac photo editor” something like that and you should see a lot of free editors. Add “free” 😉

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