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make money online with boyonce spamI don’t do this anymore, but i used to send out emails to bigger websites to advertise on my blog. It actually made me some nice cash. But, after a few weeks of doing this, i noticed that my web site was down. I typed in in the url blog and my blog was gone. I called my web host and they told me that my account was suspended cause of spam. I explained that the emails that i sent were not spam. They told me that it was and gave me a firm warning. Since then, i have not sent a single unsolicited email to anyone. I am still not sure what qualifies as spam, but i know hot to send uninvited message to other people anymore. I think that “make money online” programs are all borderline spam programs.

If you don’t know what spam is, think telemarketers. If you receive an unrequested email from someone, that is considered spam in my book. I think the technical def of spam is mass email. But, if you send out a bunch of random emails, you’re probably spamming. I get hundreds of spam emails every single day. It is something that will always be a part of web marketing. The reason is because people actually make money by spamming other people. This disgusting strategy works for successful spammers. This means that you could work the system to make some spam money. The trick is to understand what spam is. Walk the tight rope and set up a borderline spam strategy. I haven’t figured this out yet, but if you do, let me know. Noob out!

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  1. zawadi

    lol dang noob. man u are a go getter lol that’s why i like reading this blog lol.

    I had a popular wbsite that contacted me cause people went from my blog to their site and the webmaster saw i sent him a ton of traffic and linked to me lol. He emailed me and thanked me and asked to trade links … i would not consider that spam at all.

    Now if i get a email saying i can get a good deal on some cheap Viagra and i will call it out.

  2. sc

    i am not interested in that kind of thing as i am too old to be fooling around making up new identities after i have been banned. and i dont like being banned, it really hurts my feelings…lol. i was a noobie on a forum site called “w!cked f!re” and i posted links to a warez forum and rapidshare, (non affiliate links, mind you, and NOT my site) and the next time i tried to log on i was banned FOREVER. i was like, yikes!

  3. SolReka

    Naughty boy :-) Looks like you got your wrist slapped for trying it on with the spamming shinnanigans.

    I agree with zewadi though, I doff my cap to you for exploiting all avenues and finding out what works and what doesn’t. Not many people bother going that extra mile.

    They say spam (not the food) is classed as the worse invention of the 20th Century. I think domain parking is a close second.

    Hope you’re well bud

  4. sylvesta

    I think as you say that there’s a fine line between what hosting companies regard as spamming when really, approaching companies for business isn’t spamming at all. You will find that the successfull spammers are those that send out upto 1 hundred million emails a day and that’s no exageration. These guys don’t use hosting companies, they have their own mainframes and run their own hosting. If you truly want to get away with this behaviour that’s what it takes for a bulletproof non stopable income :)

    Out of most people’s grasp im afraid.

  5. John D

    Ouch, sounds like your webhosting company is real picky. I have an idea. Startup your own webhosting company. Buy into the backbone and you’re free to do what you like :) .

  6. Dwacon

    spammers have made it difficult for real businesses to make money. Better to err on the side of caution than on the side of aggressive marketing.

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