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make money online with iphoneYesterday, i read about Apple‘s new announcement about the iphone. I don’t know what to say. I don’t remember the last time i was so excited. It was probably when i got my iphone. So last night, i spent around 7 hours buying up domain names. I bought Apple and iphone domains. Although most of the good domains have already been purchased, i think it’s still a wise investment to buy up existing iphone domains. Why? Cause Apple’s iphone will change the world. It’s already changing the world. I think it’s always a good thing to jump on a new technology. The iphone is still relatively new, but it’s growing fast in the industry. If you want to make money online, you should set up an iphone related website. If you’re a lazy guy, at least buy an iphone domain.

Steve Jobs just announced that the new version of the iphone. It is a better phone at half the price. They will be selling the 8gb version for $199. I can’t F in believe it! I’m thinking about buying one for every member of my family. And you know that in time they will release versions for a hundred dollars. In time, the iphone will kill the ipod. (If it hasn’t already)

Around 3 months ago, Apple released the SDK kit for developers of the iphone. A quarter million developers flooded Apple’s servers to download the program. Do you realize what that means? It means that new software and applications will keep coming out. This will create more demand for the iphone and mobile web.

Right now, it’s hard to find websites catered towards the iphone. It’s cause the iphone is only a year old. But that will all change. New sites will rise to support the growing demand for mobile web browsing. Most of my friends already have smart phones. I got my blackberry a few years ago and never went back to the regular phone. Having a pocket sized computer/cellphone is not a luxury anymore. It’s becoming the norm. That’s why i think there is huge potential for iphone websites.

With the new price cut, ($199, later $100) it makes sense for the average person to buy it. Why would someone buy a Nokia or Motorola? Samsung, LG, all those guys better better step up their game or their mobile division will go bust. Even if i was broke, i’d ebay something to get me an iphone.

I’m sounding like a crazed fanboy. I’m really not. I have 2 macs but i still prefer my PC. I prefer firefox over safari. I still hate on Apple for overpricing ipods. But, the iphone is different. It really is the best product out there. I’ve used blackberries for two years before i got my iphone. It doesn’t even compare. Web surfing is faster and easier. And it will be even faster cause of 3G. (currently iphone runs edge)

Before i get carried away, i should talk about making money online with the iphone. You might be asking yourself, “what does all this got to do with me?” Well, even lowly bloggers and amateur webmasters can profit from it. You won’t make millions, but you can probably set up a few sites that will generate traffic. And if you get lucky, you might even be first to fill your niche. Maybe i should start a “make money online with iphone” blog.

I have a friend who just set up a cell phone shop. It’s a brick and mortar and the cell phone industry is pretty hard on small businesses. I was telling him to invest in a website. I think the new announcement would be perfect for my friend. He could set up a site that supports his off line business. You could set up something similar. There are so many ideas. If you’re tech savvy, you could unlock the iphones to sell in your country. I know that the iphone isn’t currently available in some countires. A site dedicated to that could make some nice change. Or you could start setting up sites solely for mobile browsers. I know that my blog takes a long time to load on my iphone. But if i developed a theme with less image files, it would probably run smoother. You could probably set up a web business or that specializes in setting up sites that are “iphone friendly“. Like the mobile version of amazon or google.

Last night, i spent over $2,000 buying up domain names. A lot of them were iphone or mobile web related. I think the internet is switching to mobile. As hardware gets faster, surfing the web via a portable device will become the norm. Cell phones won’t completely replace laptops, but they will come close. People will still work on their laptops, but more and more will play on their phones. That’s why i made some initial investments in the form of domains. I’m not even sure of how i will develop these sites, but i had to get in on this action. I bought domains from auctions and picked up some expiring domains. All in all, I’m satisfied with my purchases.

Guys, making money online is about change. The whole idea of making money online didn’t even exist 20 years ago. Now every tom and dick and harry is trying it. (unsuccessfully) The guys who make money are the ones who see new opportunities. If you get in early, your chances of success increases dramatically. Iphone is still relatively new. Mobile internet is still very green. If you haven’t made much with your websites, this is your chance to start making money online. Imma stop preaching now. Noob out!

10 thoughts on “Make money online with iphone

  1. Jesse

    I don’t know if you saw this or not, but AT&T is going to destroy the Iphone. First off, the $199 price point is a subsidized price, meaning you have to be eligible to upgrade to get that price.

    Secondly, they changed all the data pricing. Instead of getting your voice and data package (including 200 text messages) for $59.99 like it was for the original version, it will be $74.99 for all the same things. When you multiple the $15 price difference by 24, you end up paying about $360 more over the 2 year contract. Oh and if you signed up for a FAN account with your business or school, it’s another $15 more… $720 extra just for a data package that I already have on my current phone with AT&T for FAR less. Something just doesn’t seem right here. AT&T, go rot in hell!

  2. bloggernoob

    desmond- damn. that’s expensive. u know what i smell? opportunity. you could probably find a guy who can unlock the iphone to work in your country. buy the iphone on ebay, and sell it. nice profit margin if it cost over 2 grand in your neck of the woods.

    jesse- nice rant! i think i’ve accepted the fact that big business cheats consumers. they have the power and we deal with it. it is pretty sneaky what they are doing. i didn’t realize that they uppped it so much in service charges. good thing i’m still on the old plan. thanks for commenting.

  3. Jared Stenzel

    Now, just think about buying up Google Android names. I didn’t want to register domains, but I did register about 10 emails on gmail, yahoo, and hotmail that are pretty decent and will fetch a pretty penny on ebay when the phone releases.

  4. the noob Post author

    jared- google android names? what’s that? why do you think gmail addresses will be valuable? have you ever sold one?

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  7. Voncile Mention

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