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make money online with pepper jam networkI’m in the process of switching the monetization method of this blog. I want to focus more of my attention on affiliate marketing. Recently, Google bought out doubleclick performics to form Google affiliate network. This is huge news to the affiliate marketing industry. This legitimizes the trade and it’s millions of “internet marketers.” I think the payoff of pushing affiliates is far far greater then doing paid plugs. You can work your way to passive income if you get good at affiliate marketing. Find out how to make money online with affiliate marketing. To get started, sign up with pepperjamnetwork and they’ll pay to $10 just for signing up. Talk about easy money!

Pepperjamnetwork will pay to you push their affiliate referral program. And the best part of it is that you will make $10 just for signing up. And, you can offer this bonus to your readers as well. That’s a lot of money that’s going around. If you are not already with this affiliate network, join now and claim your $10. Click here to claim $10.

Pepperjamnetwork understands that bloggers are the backbone of the affiliate industry. So, they want to reward us. As an affiliate of pepperjam, you will get to push quality internet products/services. The kicker is that they’ll pay you $10 a post for writing about them. You’re allowed to write up to five $10 posts for them a month. This is a great way to add some dollars into your monthly income. Join them today and tell em bloggernoob sent ya.

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  1. Deb

    I signed up today with them. We’ll see how it goes. You mentioned having 100 websites. How do you promote them all?

  2. the noob Post author

    Deb- I use a variety of ways to market those sites. If i start up a new blog. i post a few keyword rich posts. When the sites gets to be around a month old, and has 10 or mort posts. I put up entrecard, blogrush, spott. anytype of traffic sending source. I also join up with mybloglog and blogcatalog. etc. That intiates the traffic. as the site grows. and i slowly start building my SEO efforts. the site start getting organic google traffic. I link build with my other sites that have PR. or do some link exchanges, do follow comments etc.

    If i start a static html site. I slap on amazon associate links, ebay, adbrite/adsense. I use keyword rich domains for these type of site. This type of site is low maintence. all you need is a couple pages of content for this type of site.

    Whatever site you set up, search other free linking communities, or free directories to announce your site.

    Doing these things will get you at least 50 hits a day. and then it just start growing over time. hope that helps.

  3. the noob Post author

    wendy- 😉 making money online is all about waiting. u post, u wait. u put up links, u wait. u join a program, u wait. a lot of waiting going on. maybe that’s why people quit. people can’t stand waiting. waiting in line. waiting on hold when u call the bank. waiting for the elevator. waiting waiting waiting. 😉

  4. the noob Post author

    paul- yeah, they have paypal pay option. Sorry i’m not doing link trades at the moments. thanks for the offer tho.

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