Make money online with rap

beyonce rapsThe title sounds silly i know. This post isn’t a call to arms for rappers. This post is about setting up websites. It’s about passion and interests. If you have an interest, love, or passion about something, you should start a website about it. I have a buddy who loves rap music. I’m a fan of hip hop, but this guy is an uber fan. He even write his own raps. He beatboxes and even records a few album via garageband. He wants to work the clubs as a DJ so he can get discovered, but i’m trying to convince him to set up his own rap site. I told him that he could make money online with rap.

When you think about it, setting up a website is super easy. It’s fast and doesn’t cost a lot of money. All you need is time and determination. Chasing dreams is awesome. I totally respect people who chase their dreams. My personal dream is to one day write and direct a movie. I still haven’t given up on this dream and i hope i never will. Dreams are the best part of life. If you give up on your ideas, then you’re as good as dead. Adult life is about compromise, but that doesn’t have to kill your dream.

Instead of quiting your day job and trying to make it rich as an actor, you can improvise. If you love fashion, you can set up a fashion site. If you thing is celebrity gossip, you should go the perezhilton route. If you want to direct movies, make silly little youtube clips to hone your skills.

My point is, you can set up a website about anything. And if the site gets traffic, you can make money off of it. So, if you like rap music, set up a rap site. When you site grows, you’ll be making money online with rap.

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    I am having some difficulty getting 2 load this site. I read it many times before & never got anything like this, but now when I try 2 load the blog it just idles for for some time & then just stops. I have tried both with www & without. Do you know what could be the problem? Please ask your host support… I hope to be able to come back soon.

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