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I use to supplement my blogging income by writing for a blog that i didn’t own. I got paid around $15 dollars per post. The post could be anywhere from 100 words to 400 words. I took the job not because i needed the money, but rather for experience. I wanted to learn from this blogger. I wrote for an iphone blog. I have been a fan of the iphone every since it came out. During that same time, i started my own iphone blog. I figured that i wouldn’t need to do any additional research for this freelance gig. I don’t blog for other people anymore. I have found that the time invested is just not worth it. I would much rather invest my time into something that i own. But, i did learn something big. I learned how the bigger fish play. I learned how to think bigger with my blog. You can end up with a nice blog farm by setting up your own blog network. Here is why i think that everyone should make money online with their own blog network.

First of all, you can get a lot of free authority links from your network of blogs. At first, this isn’t going to be easy. You will have to establish each individual blog to authority status. But, once you get the ball rolling, your PR will start soaring. Your search engine ranking will be one word…wait for it…awesomeness! If you check out any of the major blogs, you will probably notice a network of other blogs. Engadget has links to autoblog, joystiq, tuaw, and etc. Gigaom has a blog network with theappleblog, newteevee, webworkerdaily, and etc. You get the idea. These giants make huge sums of money because they keep branching out into other niches. If you follow the articles closely, they will link to each other constantly. That is some major link juice that is shared within the network. These links are all authority links and they are all free. The rich getting rich rule applies to authority links as well. Once you have an authority blog, you can constantly grow other authority blogs.

Secondly, your network of blogs can easily get private ads when they are bunched up. If you do not average tens of thousands of hits a day with just one blog, maybe you can achieve this with a collection of five blogs. This stat is something that your advertisers will love to see.

Thirdly, you can easily negotiate SEO link trades when you have a nice blog network. You probably won’t ever have to ask for a link every again. The emails will come to you.

Lastly, it doesn’t cost that much money to run these web sites. The cost of setting up a blog is next to nothing. Even if you require a lot of power or space, you will only end up spending a hundred dollars a month for web hosting. Compare that to any type of brick and mortar business. You can’t!

Setting up 5 authority blogs for your network isn’t easy. Most people can’t even set up one authority blog. But, once you set up your first one, it’ll be easier to grow your second one. When you start out on this venture, get in good with some power players. Be direct and honest with your link requests. You’re going to need a lot of links when you get started. I would even recommend buying a few links to start off. (Or join a link network)

Don’t get discouraged by the giant blogs. If you spend a lot of time on engadget, you probably have what it takes to set up a nice tech blog. It is unlikely that it will grow to engadget’s level, but you can still grow a nice medium tech blog. Medium blogs can also be authority blogs. The web is big enough for a few more medium size tech blogs. Same goes for perezhilton. If you love celebrity gossip, start up your own celebrity gossip blog. Post too long again. Noob out!

41 thoughts on “make money online with your own blog network

  1. Andy

    Thanks Noob,
    I really like how your mind thinks. It seems that like any organism our blog network just has to keep growing or it will die.
    Luckily, I like to write so I am doing my own posts at this time as I build up my current 4 blogs.
    Keep the posts coming please.

  2. Dean Saliba

    This is something I’ve started to do. I always make sure I link to my other blogs within eachother and it seems to be working with regards to traffic. :)

  3. Toga A.C.

    That’s great article Noob, I really understood what do you mean. And I agree with your Idea, however blog network will make our blog network always powerfull

  4. jaini

    hi my dear friend! i want a help from you. on hoping that ypu will do this, i am asking you. you have to help me in buying a domain from digitalpoint. please tell me how to buy a page rank blog from digital point my dear. please help me in the above concern. i does not know how to buy from digitalpoint. please explain me in stepwise dea. waiting for your reply. please mail me the answer if you can. waiting here for your reply dear.
    thank you.

  5. the noob Post author

    andy- yeah, just keep working at it and keep trying new things. you’ll start seeing profits if you keep doing things that yield money.

    dean- yeah, i am even thinking about hiring a few quality blogger for my blog network. just haven’t gotten around to it.

    toga- basically, links are what gets you paid. thats because these links are used by google to measure your site. so it makes perfect sense to harvest a lot of links inhouse. in network.

    jaini- sorry for not replying to you in your past comments. what kind of questions would you like me to answer?

    buying a pr domain at dp isn’t that complicated. just make sure that you check that the pr is valid. You can find a post that i wrote about checking valid pr domains. once you do that, make sure that the price isn’t too high. PR3 should be around 20-30 bucks. PR4 should be like 40 bucks. etc.

  6. Paul Morales

    Nice post man. I’m working on creating my own network and giving each website an authority so I can interlink all my websites.

    I started to notice that many people are doing this also. They are also using multiple different web hosts and creating blogs to build backlinks for their website.

    Contact me if you are interested in hiring a quality blogger 😉

  7. Chelle

    I have 8 blogs right now and I am thinking maybe I should start a network for the blogs on its own domain…haven’t decided if I will do that or not, but in many ways it would make sense, since my blogs are not even mildly related to one another :)

  8. Connor

    Wow. I’ve just started with my first blog and thought I had the basics down, looks like I’ve got a long road ahead of me if I need to do this 5,6,7 times over! Great post as always though.

  9. Tim

    Thanks for the heads up on making money online, I have not really considered blog farming until I read yours, thanks Noob,Tim

  10. Jared Stenzel

    I’ll be setting up a bunch of sites. I’m hoping I can turn one of my older blogs into an authority site. I think my current highest PR is only a 2 though so I’ve got a lot of work yet to do.

  11. Jagath

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    I think everyone should use

  12. Chester

    Yes, setting up 5 authority blogs is important and it won’t be the simplest thing you’ve ever done, but once complete this will make the difference. Take it one at a time and learn along the way and you can make it happen.

  13. Rahul

    you told the truth most peoples not able to setup one single blog how they will manage to run network.
    it is extremely hard task. still i am struggling.

  14. Free Microsoft Points

    I’ve ran a couple of blogs that are PR2, but I’ve never been really interested in a blog, I hate having to update and post blogs. I like to initiative that so many people are making money from blogs, great post.

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