Make money onling blog over a year old

ashley olsen makes money onlineI’ve been blogging for over 7 months now. It seems a lot longer then that. I mean that in a good way but it kinda sound bad. I have seen a lot of other make money online blogs come and go. In this short span of time, i’ve seen tens of dozens of blogs launch and disappear into oblivion. Why is that?

Make money online blogs are easy to start. Any idiot with dreams of internet riches can start a blog about making money online. Most will not make a dime and quit their blog. The two or three posts that they wrote will be more garbage floating around in the blogosphere. A few out of hundreds will make a few dollars. Most of those blogs will also fade away with time. And out of all of these blogs, only a couple will survive to become a year old.

It really shows a lot about the blogging game. Actually, this statistic hold true of most websites. I think people just get bored real quick. The member count on all of those social networking sites are bogus. Cause most of the members don’t do anything. They set up an account and never check it again. I wonder how high that inactive member count is for sites like facebook and myspace. Internet forums are like that too. A lot of members don’t contribute in the threads. Same with RSS feed subscriptions.

Make money online noobies should have a goal in mind. If you really want to make money online, you should set up a blog with the intention of going the one year distance. If you work on your blog for over a year, i know that you can make money online.

5 thoughts on “Make money onling blog over a year old

  1. Jared Stenzel

    Nice, only 11 months and about 23 days left for me! I guess if you take my 1 post a day that I’ve already got written I could go through a whole month and a half without having to write any new content.

  2. the noob Post author

    susan- yup, gotta go the distance! “build it and he will come” “go the distance” “ease his pain” 😉

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