Make money onling blogs die fast

rachelbilson make money onlineThe shelf life of a “make money online” blog isn’t that long. I have neglected this blog for the past week and a half. I haven’t even gotten around to posting the classic “make money online” income reports. I’ve been busy with a pending real estate deal. I still wanted to keep this blog updated so i decided to do some paid plugs. It forced me to spit out some MMO garbage. The quality of my blog has suffered because of that. And, i have seen my traffic and comments drop as well.

MMO blogging is no easy task. Your visits are fickle and won’t stay loyal to your blog. Blog readership is usually like that. There are so many other blogs that people are quick to jump to another blog. Think about that before you decided to start your own “make money online” blog.

The money isn’t bad, but you have to put in some good hours. You will see in my income report. Hopefully my regular readers will stop by when i post my “money” report. Noob out!

5 thoughts on “Make money onling blogs die fast

  1. Norm

    Totally agree…how many Make Money Online blogs are out, lasts 6-8 months then dies.

    this is my 3rd one…so far it is getting better

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