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revresponse moneyHere’s how you can make money with RevResponse. RevResponse is a program that allows bloggers and other web publishers to offer free magazine subscriptions and software trials to your visitors. The best part is that every time someone requests one of these free resources, you get paid. The program is easy to set up and you’ll be making money in no time. They have widgets that actually give something back to your audience. Most widgetized ads are of no value to you except the payment you received from the advertiser. RevResponse’s widget allows you to provide something of value to your readers and you get paid. It’s a win win situation.

The payouts with RevResponse range from $2 to $20 per action depending on the offer. They have referral programs that is one of the best in the industy. They give you 20% of the earnings that your referral partners generate for the first 6 months of their partnership. This can prove to be very lucrative.

RevResponse’s program allows you to promote it in a lot of different ways. For example, you can use it in your deep links or use a flash or javascript widget. You can use them in your email promotions or xml catalog feeds. They have an easy to use “promote” wizard on their site that helps you with most of code.

RevResponse also provides white labeling for free to top tier publishers. Again, this can be done via their site setup wizard. Their program is not limited to residents of the US. As long as your site is relevant, you can publish from anywhere in the world. Payments are made fast and they pay vis check or Paypal Mass Pay. This means that you won’t have to take a fee cut when your payment payments.

The best thing about RevResponse is that they have a great community. Unlike other programs, RevResponse likes to be open about their program. They will address all of the concerns and questions of each and every publisher. They have a popular forum and blog and all publishers are assinged an account manager. This gives you the full on one on one experience. You can also be updated via their monthly newsletter. If you want more info, check out their site

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