Make some enemies

idol.jpgYou don’t have to please everyone with your blog. This is an important rule if you want loyal readers. People like to listen to people who have firm beliefs. It’s great to be open minded, but it’s important to not be wishy washy. How can you convince people to try something out when you don’t have a firm stance. Yesterday, i left some comments on a few make money blogs. I ticked off two readers. They got all mad. Pretty funny. One got mad cause i was making fun of shoemoney. I didn’t know shoe had so much power. He even has groupies. Male groupies. The guy got really offended. At any rate, making enemies can work to your benefit. People hate each other on the blogosphere. It’s pretty common because of jealousy or rejection. If you make enemies, you’re sure to find allies. Just be yourself and you’ll find out who you are compatible with and who you can ignore.

Money makes the blogging game more serious. People invest hundred even thousands of dollars into their blogs. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but probably not a smart thing to do. Let’s look at the top make money bloggers. These guys didn’t spend thousands on their blogs. It just sort of happened. But these new guys come in thinking they can just spend some money around to get to johnchow’s level. Not gonna happen.

I’m actually pretty sick and tired of these wannabe johnchows. They just try to copy and they end up failing. Sooner or later, you have to stop the idol worship and make your blog different. I’m also sick of all the bullshit in the make money online world. So many lies and kissing ass. I used to like johncow a lot but he’s been doing some ass kissing too lately. Have to find another honest blog for tips and entertainment. I think the best no bullshit blog right now is bloggerunleashed. If you want some practical advice without the bull, you’ll like his site.

10 thoughts on “Make some enemies

  1. Ben Cook

    I’m fairly certain that I’m one of the readers you think you made mad. Writing is much more difficult to convey emotion through but I’m not at all mad. I am very opinionated and that often comes across as angry or pissed off.

    Anyway, I could care less if you make fun of shoemoney, just know that you come across looking like the jealous wannabe’s that you wrote about in this post. Don’t get me wrong, Shoe is far from perfect but the man is an incredibly successful marketer and really he was just the example I used. If you don’t think you have anything to learn from guys like Aaron Wall and Jim Boykin and Neil Patel, you’re going to be wasting a lot of time reinventing the wheel.

  2. pericles

    People should not kiss arse or be politically correct on their blogs. Of course, racism or violence should not be included but it is important to say/write what you think.

  3. Vic

    Ben Cook is another noob Chow, Shoemoney wanabee when I feel like having a really good laugh I read his monthly blog income reports.

    I love his “you’re going to be wasting a lot of time reinventing the whee” fucking noob. Ben you dumb ass the crap you are reading and all the bloggers you are stroking are feeding your crap that is why it took you 5 months to make $1011.00 something that should take you max 60 days. Son keep reading that crap in the mean time Noob makes his first 5k in the next 60 days.

    Noob tnx for the mention.

  4. The Rookie

    @Ben – I appreciate the fact you are trying to pass this off as a good deal since you got paid $202 to do a review of the product and you probably are trying to suck up to the “A-listers” but I think you should listen to what Vic has to say. I learned more from him in 1 post then all this make money blog bullshit. Here are some others: and
    (don’t let the blogspot blog fool you he ranks in the top ten for “make money online”)

    Look, I will only charge you $300 for that advice its a steal compared to $3000. One other question – are you going to shell out the $3000 for this? You just shot your last 3 months of earnings to shit…. but its a “good investment”, right?

    I don’t need to here how my blog has gone to hell because I haven’t posted in 2 weeks either. I am in the process of changing some things up and I am giving up on rehashing A-listers bullshit because for the average person it doesn’t work.

    @Noob – glad you finally came to the same conclusion that I did about make money blogs I am going to be try the things I learned from Vic, Court, and Griz (for free mind you)

    @Vic – glad to see you are alive!

  5. Elaine

    I don’t understand people that get mad because someone says something. If you disagree with one’s viewpoint, just move on. No need to get into arguments. Sadly, comments that trigger many people’s anger are the longest lived. Angry threads seem to never end LOL

  6. Moolahking

    Hahahaha..Shoemoney SUCKS too..!! And if there are some MALE (??) group (gay?) mad at you just because you made funny of him, ask them to come to my blog site and read about JOHN CHOW too..

    Either they want to accepts the fact, it good for them, or they cannot accepts it, and i will ask them to go to HELL..!!

    There’s no need for arguments. Be Open. Blogging is wide. Can’t accepts others thoughts, just Fak Off..!!

    Noob..!! I had posted something new about John Chow..Hahahaha Love you my friend.. :)

  7. Living on Adsense

    I always want to offend people, but I feel like I should be nice. I should start being mean. It’s time to start ripping on the people that comment on my blog. Make ’em scared to comment.

    I could be the John Mcenroe of blogging!

    I also think that Shoemoney looks too much like Moby or Michael Stipe from REM.

    ooooohhh and John Chow is none other than Grace Jones! Google’ll see!

  8. bloggernoob

    bencook- what makes you so certain? i ain’t mad at cha. if you got paid to write your review of them, i can understand. but if you paid for that and you make less then 3k a month…then that was probably an unwise financial decision. seemed like u were really fond of shoe. do you know him? does he acknowledge you? did u ride in his limo? just didn’t understand why you so passionately had his back. do you think he would back u? and them other guys? never heard of them…but i guess they sell ebooks or something. always hated ebooks.

    pericles- my maxim is…”only kiss arse in a sexual setting…either with jelly or syrup..i prefer syrup” exactly. respect mom! lord have mercy!

    vic- vic you’re as raw as they get. you’re like a def comedy jam blogger. glad ur feeling better. im so jealous of your blog. ur like a super blogger. imma start cussin too! imma go delirious eddie murphy style.

    rookie- i guess u dont like ben. i’ve never heard of him. but he was really defending shoe. kinda understand cause he got paid 2 bills for it…but if he paid of the shit videos…he just lost 28 bills. im not mathmatician, but doesn’t sound like an even trade. always new there was alot of bullshit in make money blogs. but i also know that’s it has the most potential for monetization. guess that’s why it’s so saturated.

    elaine- i think it’s human nature to hate on a playa. its all good.

    moolahking- shoe has a lot of male groupies. maybe more then chow. it’s cause he lost all that weight.

    living on adsense- haha. don’t know about making them scared to comment. how scared can you be of a blogger…not like we’re bloods or crips. or north korean.

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