Make your blog Gangsta

noobpac1.jpgMaking your blog gangsta doesn’t mean you should shoot up your laptop. It means you should make your blog entertaining. I don’t care if your blog is about plumbing equipment, it better be a fun read or you’re not going to make much off of it. You’re probably better off writing into your personal diary, if you’re going to make your blog boring. No one will read your boring ass posts.

I started this blog to make a little cash on the side. But if it wasn’t fun, i wouldn’t have continued. It’s fun reading people comment on my blog. It’s fun giving out little prizes. It’s fun chatting with other bloggers. It’s fun making a little cash too.

Whatever you write about, you better make sure that it’s fun to read. Even if your content is super informative, you won’t get anywhere with your blog unless you entertain your readers. How often do you read the encyclopedia? Thought so. People want to read magazines not encyclopedias.

Of course different people find different things entertaining. There are so many websites and blogs online right now, that it’s easy to leave a blog in search for a blog that is more entertaining. How many make money blogs do you think there are? This niche is probably the second most saturated niche on the internet. The first being porn. I have to compete with all those other make money blogs. What’s my angle? I guess my grade school level writing and my noobish sense of humor. Alot of penis and fart jokes. And pictures of hotties. It helps that my domain has noob in it. It allows me to be immature and unprofessional. It allows me to be gangsta.

Try to make everything you do on your blog fun. If you don’t know how to be funny, try thinking like a kid. Go back to when you were a wee tike watching those cartoons. You’ll find something funny in your memories. If you really can’t squeeze out anything entertaining. Smoke some weed.(disclaimer-i do not condone the use of drugs. just herbal remedies)

Make your income reports fun, or last least put a funny or sexy picture when you’re making that post. When you run a contest, make it fun. Don’t make your readers do all this work for a chance at winning you’re stupid ebook. Make it as easy as possible for your readers. If i have to email you a secret code with my social security number, i’m not going to enter your contest and i’ll never return to your blog. Make sure your prizes are cool. Cash is the coolest prize. Second would probably be a cool electronic gadget.

Make fun of bloggers. Make fun of blogs. Let’s not take it so serious. It annoys me when a blogger tries to be too professional. I don’t like bloggers that get metaphysical either. Let’s keep it at ground level and mix in some humor. Don’t bore me with Click thru ratio theories and your bloggers manifestos. Start a blogger feud. It worked for Rappers, maybe it’ll work for bloggers too. “West COAST BABY!” Remember, We are all just a bunch of geeks typing on our computers.

14 thoughts on “Make your blog Gangsta

  1. alanj878

    why not tupac and blognoob I see you have 127 readers now wow and I believe another good post would be your google analytic report of where your traffic comes from.

  2. Moolahking

    Yo wassup dough..!!!

    Hahaha i can’t imagine Noob with a little bit gangsta side in this blog. “Shooting your laptop?” Muahahahaha..That’s so funny, dough..

    You did gave me nightmares, Noob..!!

    Anyway, I’m not into Hip Hop whatever..

    “Rock n Roll to the fullest..!!!”

  3. the noob Post author

    adriankeys- it’s actually noobpac shakur, but you can call me noobpac

    chica- sorrysorry. i was trying out some photoshop effect. i messed up. didn’t realize how extra creepy it looked so i changed it. no more nightmares!

    alanj878- i just upped it to 150 plus. woohoo. i can’t believe it either. people actually read my blog??? what’s wrong with you people?

    blackpixie-done! halloween it shall be

    justindupre- noobizzle, nice!

    stephanmiller- haha. thanks. definitely immature!

    moolahking- i like all music. rock, hiphop, jazz, r & b, even country and metal.

    usman- thanks

    tommy- are you a W or an E

    witchypoo- :( i didn’t mean u witchypoo. please don’t bust a cap in my aura! i like my aura just the way it is. don’t need no cap up in it.

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