Make your contest a hit

contest1.jpgI’ve run a few contests to promote my blog and most have been successful. The best part is that it didn’t cost me a lot of money or time. I gave away an mp3 player that was laying around my storage box, i’ve given away 5 dollars, and 50 bucks. Nothing over that. I don’t think the dollar amount is the most important thing when holding a contest to promote your blog. I think the most important thing is to keep it simple, fun, and fast.

I’ve found that people don’t want to do much. If you require your reader to link with anchoring texts, or subscribe to rss, or write a review, or signup for something, they click away. Internet users are lazy and you should consider that when you hold your next contest. Make your contest as simple as possible to enter as possible. For starters, just make them write a comment to be entered. You’ll have a 20 comments before you know it.

Making a contest fun is not about giving out t shirts or useless knick knacks. It’s not about creating stupid riviraly or a challenge. It’s about fun. Of course fun is open to interpretation, but i believe there is a universal understanding of fun. Figure out what type of contest would be fun for you and do that type of contest. If you wouldn’t enter your own contest, do you think a stranger will?

I personally believe that blogging contests should end fast. If i have to wait more then a few days or a week to find out if i won or now, i won’t enter. It’s like rebate receipts. I never do these damn thing cause i hate waiting for the rebate check. I know i’m being stupid and wasting money, but i try to avoid rebates cause it’s a pain to fill out and a pain to wait for. And a few times, i’ve had to remail those damn thing and eventually never got it. As time passed, i just forgot about them. Don’t do this with your blog contests.

I have 6 ad slot up for grab via this contest. If you want some free ads on my blog, enter now.

10 thoughts on “Make your contest a hit

  1. Juha Ylitalo

    Unless you live in USA and your target area is US and only US, money through PayPal is nice and easy solution in comparison to some gadgets that might get lost during shipping or stop at local customs, etc. when shipped to another country. Also the whole “shipping” happens in minutes instead of days and/or weeks.

  2. the noob Post author

    chica- thanks proof reader. i got ur joke after i visited ur site. cute.

    juha- i agree juha. i think cash is king everywhere. i did a contest for one of my other blogs, and it was for an mp3 player. the guy was in india so i calculated the shipping fees. came out to more then the mp3 player so i sent him a paypal payment for 40 bucks instead. cash is king.

  3. killian

    hmm, what do you think about giving entrecard credits, do people join because of that?
    I’ve been saving mine for some time, so I may use them on a contest, what do you think?

  4. the noob Post author

    killian- i personally don’t like entrecard credit as prizes. they are rather easy to attain so it’s value isn’t that high. but if you want to save costs and hold a contest, i think you can go with it. another problem is that i’ve noticed a lot of bloggers holding entrecard contests. but u know what, it’s all a matter of opinion and maybe you shouldn’t listen to me, i’m still just a noob killian :)

  5. killian

    hmm, I see, well, I guess I’m going to save some more and open a cash contest when I start my advertising plans and use those credits to purchase ads too, thanks ‘noob’ 😀

  6. the noob Post author

    killian- no prob killian. hope it works out for ya. let me know when you have a juicy contest going. if it’s juicy enough, i’ll help you promote it :)

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