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vanessa hudgens using iphoneThe new iphone will hit stores soon. It’s a better more faster phone, but it costs half as much. The iphone has already revolutionized the cell phone industry. Now, it is going to hit the internet hard. Right now, there aren’t that many websites that cater to the iphone. That means that there are a lot of niches to fill. When i go out to eat, i like to read some new online. But, i can’t hit most of the sites because the load time is too much. If you want to make money online, make your site iphone friendly.

Images and large files slow down the load time of a site. If you were to get rid of every image, you would be able to browse the web a lot faster. Cell phones are not computer yet. The data transfer rate is still very slow. So, you have to set up site without any images. If i found a good technology news site that just had text, i’d jump on it with my iphone.

I would always go to that site when i’m browsing with my phone. It won’t just be for iphones either. Blackberries and Treos need some lovin too.

Set up a mobile version of your website. Every better, set up a site just for the iphone. Recently, i’ve been buying up a lot of iphone related domain names. I really think it’s going to be a good investment. The key to making money online is to spot the quick change. The people who can adapt quickly and take advantage of the new opportunities are the ones that make it rich. Look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They were right there for the computer revolution. The Google guys were there for the internet revolutions. The next revolution will be mobile web. Be one of the guys that taps into this market. You won’t be a Gates or Page, but you might end up with a couple sites that make a few thousands dollars a month. Noob out!

6 thoughts on “Make your site ready for the iphone

  1. Gerard

    Yeah, I’ve seen that plugin. I’m kinda too lazy to post it here, so just Google search “wordpress iphone plugin” and it will come right at the top.

  2. the noob Post author

    technoob- i will have to check out that plugin.

    gerard- yeah imma check it out. the thing is…i usually don’t trust the newer plugins. I’m a bit anal about that. 😉

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