steal.jpgI’ve been getting more and more sites that steal my posts vis rss subscription. One of the most frequent stealers is makemoney.buckethunt. This guys takes all of my posts and put it up on his blog. I don’t think he makes any money but i’m afraid that google is going to slap me for having duplicate content. I’ve been reading on the best ways to remedy this type of situation. I’ve contacted the host of that blog. I don’t want to get angry or waste time on this matter, so i hope the host will take care of the issue most urgently. If you have similar problem, don’t waste your energy but try to contact your host ASAP. These sites are run on auto scripts that just fetch your posts. They even steal the articles i was paid to write. Very stupid and annoying. If even of us bloggers report these guys, blogs like these will get shut down faster.

7 thoughts on “makemoney.buckethunt

  1. Justin Dupre

    He’s a scraper. Using a program to post all that shit. There is a widget that just adds a permalink to the end of all your posts on your RSS feed. Look that up and google spiders will recognize the article comes from you

  2. Sadie

    That sucks, but how did you find out that he was stealing your stuff? Was it by accident or do you have some type of software that located the duplicated post? 8o(

  3. Chica

    Go ninja on the place! That is the thing with the internet, is that it’s so easy to steal things from websites, and blogs, it’s ridiculous. Hopefully ya get in contact with that guy, and he stops what he’s doing.

  4. the noob Post author

    justindupre- yeah he’s a scrapper. i’ll look into the widget. thanks for the tip

    gargtheunzola- already reported. let’s see how long it takes for him to get removed.

    sadie- i saw cause i get ping back for every link that mentions this blog. luckily it’s just a autoscript that steals my posts and links. or else i woun’t have found him. the people who actually cut and paste are harder to find. haven’t looked into any software cause my blog is still a baby, but as it starts to grow, i’ll look into it. and i’ll try to write a post about it.

    chica- yup. alot of scammers and thieves. i think it won’t be a problem. i’ve notified the host and they said they’ll get care of it shortly.

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