Making money online in 2010 and beyond

This blog started a few years back with a simple premise. I wanted to make a few dollars here and there by blogging. I was able to achieve this goal right away. I started with “get paid to blog” sites as my first monetization method. I later realized that i needed to switch my strategy. If you have followed this blog in the past, you already know the changes that i made. is going to start talking about the big picture in this “make money online” game. Im not going to talk about the same old things as my competitors. The way i see it. Trying to make full time income with just a blog is ridiculous for most people. Very few people can bring in $100/day or more with just a blog. So, if you are serious about making money online, you will need to be creative. You will need to think about future opportunities. The tech world and the web landscape changes at an exponential rate. You will need to be flexible and seek out new ways to make money online.

This post is a mission statement for myself and people who think like me. The web isn’t accessed by a desktop computer anymore. It’s mobile and portable. You will need to think about these things as you start a new website or web venture. Also, you need to really dive right into the social web. Sites like facebook and twitter are taking over the web. People are not relying solely on google or other search engines. I even have a few friends who don’t use email anymore. They now message me via twitter or facebook. My point is that the World Wide Web that you know now isn’t going to be the same tomorrow. Literally. So, what can a noob or newbie do to try to make a living online?

First off, you need to stay current. You need to read a lot of the tech blogs and news sites to see what all of the big fish are doing. Read up on Google acquisitions and look into bidding wars between big companies. Do this to search for opportunities for you. You probably won’t start a company that will get bought out by a giant, but you can still earn a nice living. There is a lot of money that will trickle down to bloggers and lowly webmasters. You just need to know where to look. News of Google buying or investing in a company will help you understand the direction of the web. You will see what types of companies are making the big bucks. This will help you get a piece of the pie. Even if your slice is small compared to Google. The crumbs that fall off of Google or Disney’s dinner table can feed a big family.

Educate yourself. Learn a bit of code. Learn some web design. Blogging can be done by any idiot. Im pretty sure that even a monkey can blog. Look to branch out and improve your game. Look. Kobe Bryant isn’t Kobe Bryant because he stayed the same. He worked on his game and improved every year to become the best. If you are really serious about making money online, you will train yourself to have the compete package. There are so many things to learn. Get started. Download the Apple SDK and Andriod SDK and try to make some mobile apps. Go to facebook and make some facebook apps. Even if you don’t see yourself as a programmer, this will help you add income. And who knows, it might even present you will new ideas for a new startup.

Lastly, don’t limit yourself from making money solely online. There are still a lot of folks out there who don’t know how to use the web. They don’t know what an ipad is. They don’t know how to shop for deals online. They just don’t know about online marketing. Just look at your parents. If you can become a liaison to these types of people and or small businesses, you can tap into a nice income source. Be really active and creative. For example, help out a restaurant in your area with their online marketing efforts. Hook a small business up with some groupon and social networking promotions. You can even start a business of your own that hooks small businesses up with the web.

I know that the info in this post is generalized. I will try to make some detailed posts that talk about the specifics later. If you would like more info, leave me a comment with a specific question. Also feel free to add your 2 cents in the comments below. Noob out!

38 thoughts on “Making money online in 2010 and beyond

  1. Trent

    Hey noob good to see an new post on here. Although the information is general it’s still really good advice. I can’t wait for the more detailed stuff. Hopefully you can become more regular with posting here again. See ya soon.

  2. the noob Post author

    Sup Trent. Yeah i will try to post more often. And i got a few good ideas. I’ll post them up after i test it out myself.

  3. Dean Saliba

    Good to see you writing again Noob. :)

    They don’t seem to come long very regularly anymore but when they do they are normally very helpful and insightful.

    Hope to see an increase in your posting soon. :)

  4. Rojish

    Good to see you writing again Noob.

    Good advice. Many people think that online money making is very easy. They aren’t ready to do hard work. They don’t have patience. To make money online we need know about the rends and technologies.

  5. Moms Work

    Never saw myself as someone to create something, but the facebook fan pages and facebook apps look like something I want to invest some time with. Good to seeya Noob !


  6. Steve

    Making money online is very hard, but I do not think you mentioned anything about freebie sites or “Get Paid To” Sites. These websites you can’t get rich but they will bring some extra money in.

  7. Johnny P

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    It is invite-only for the next 24 hours and the standard ZBO account (normally $99) will be free! Thanks for this awesome blog and hope to see you write about the site soon.

    – Johnny Parker

  8. Jared Stenzel

    That was my early mistake. I worked so much on one site when it had pretty much reached its potential. There was really no point in continuing working on it, yet I did. Anyways, I finally expanded my portfolio, it’s surpassed 100 domains, and I’m now earning over $100 a day. Just think, a few years ago I came here knowing little to nothing about making money.

    If I’m not entirely mistaken, a few years ago I was using StumbleUpon and found this blog and a few others in the same niche and had put them in my bookmarks. A few days later I learned how to set up RSS Feeds and this quickly became my favorite blog and taught me a lot. I’ve continued to learn ever since this blog stopped being updated and am eternally grateful for the help this blog gave me. I hope to see these new posts you are talking about.

  9. mike

    Hey noob. I’m still blogging. I finally got rid of my dial up modem. I got about 15mbps instead of 28.8 kbps. It’s like im on a space shuttle now.

  10. Gabe

    I thought the information was helpful. I have started to stray from my blog but I still promote and post regularly. my blog is set up for a long term income. Meaning overtime I will rank for more high volume keywords. Good advice none the less.

  11. Han

    Hi Noob,

    I agree with you that now many friends of us messaging us by facebook or twitter and not using email anymore.
    So I think now the better place to make our marketing is facebook or twitter. Then, why not we doing facebook marketing.. This is our chance..

  12. iTunes

    Making enough money online to support yourself or a family, without an additional job is not something that many people can do. If it is something someone wants to do…it requires a lot of hard work and determination, which most people can’t honestly handle.

  13. JustChris

    Wow, a blast from the past! I was on this site back in 2007 but it’s not hard to forget the domain name. I stopped blogging for money and found another calling to make money online. It’s slow but I found it more effective.

  14. Lakeshia Hew

    I’d need to test with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy studying a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to remark!

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