Making money online seems boring

jerry maguire is not boring like make money online blogsI just finished doing my “make money online” rounds. I hit up the usual MMO blogs. Surprise surprise, i was bored out of my mind. Man, why am i reading the same stuff over and over again. I only checked them out to see if there was something i was missing. Maybe they visited a new useless convention and came back with some new info. Nope. Same old stuff. I just made over a hundred dollars today with this blog, but i’m so bored. Why does making money online have to be so boring?

Seriously you guys, why are you reading this blog? I know i’m cool and i spit out some monster knowledge, but isn’t it boring? I’m bored to death about reading about twitter or making my blog stickier. I don’t want to know your “evil” affiliate secrets, mr super mega affiliate. I don’t want you to convince me of how every other make money scheme is a scam except yours. And God dammit, no more restaurant reviews.

Guys, by the end of the year, i could probably turn this blog into a $2000+/month blog, but i don’t know. I’m actually getting really bored. It’s becoming a chore. Earlier today, i actually did the dishes. I did it cause i was avoiding updating my blog. Man, you know it’s boring when you’d rather do the dishes.

I can now understand why people sell their make money online blogs. Kumiko, i feel you dude. The market doesn’t seem good right now, but the way things are going, i might have to hand the blog over to brothernoob. Or get some guest posts or something.

Blogs are quick and easy to set up. You can quickly rise in ranks when you blog. (cause of frequent updates) But it really is a time suck. Maybe i’m worn out cause i run multiple blogs. Maybe i’d rather write about movies or something. I know what it is. It’s the damn paid plugs. I do it cause it’s an easy way to make some quick cash, but it really is boring.

I want to be inspired. I wanna write something that can lift up mankind. Not post something up for some quick bucks. I should stop doing paid plugs. But if i do that, my income will drop quite a bit. If that happens, my make money blog will be like your make money blog. I don’t know, i’ll think about it. I wish i could be like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire. I wish i could write something like that memo….errr…mission statement.

9 thoughts on “Making money online seems boring

  1. zawadi

    I’m not good when it comes to talking about making money online. I know the SEO tricks and how google can punish also lol.

    I think it’s because I am afraid to actually succeed and then readers will expect me too keep bringing more. Sounds sad but true. Maybe i am afraid to fail?

    I like talking about different topics that would be a nice niche to make money like cryptology for example.

    It would never get boring to me.

    If you want to write more about things that inspire you maybe you can devote some posts to people who went from rags to riches with the .com bizz? or Just these type of stories. I like reading about them.

    kool blog noob! sorry you are feeling bored. Maybe you gotta make some posts a big joke and not be serious all the time, laugh a little :)

  2. damon

    I, however, make NO money on line.
    Therefore, it is all in jest, all a big hoax, and all for fun.

    (could definitely use some ‘o dat sweet cash flow though, how ’bout a tip?)

  3. SolReka

    I hear you, it does become a tad monotonous trying to make money from blogging.

    I have a blog which talks about free energy and alternative energy devices, yet my traffic isn’t too good. Perhaps it’s because I’m relatively new (3 months old), or perhaps it’s the fact that I don’t write 3 posts per day.

    I agree with ziwaldi, maybe I should write more light hearted posts, have some fun with it…

    I would be more than happy with $100 a day bloggernoob, could you impart some wise words on the best methods for increasing revenue.

    I would appreciate any feedback on my blog.

    Many thanks for your time

  4. The Masked Millionaire

    To make money online you need to post a lot. Two or three times a day..everyday.

    No matter what you write about, people must be able to relate to it. You need to get them to say, “I’ve been there.” “I’ve done that.” That is how you get them to come back and leave comments and want to see what you are going to talk about in the morning.

    The Masked Millionaire

  5. Chelle

    I get bored reading all the MMO blogs sometimes too…traffic this, wordpress that, blah blah blah…and yet I still read…I think though this is why i started all 3 of my blogs, they are so different from the miles of mmos out there.

  6. the noob Post author

    zawadi- thanks for you comment! cryptology? hmm interesting. i’m thinking matt damon in “goog will hunting” turning down the job for the NSA. Very cool! I was having one of those days. I think it’s fun blogging. I really appreciate your kind words and advice.

    desmond- yup, it’s fun and then it sucks. at times it gets pretty boring.

    damon- i try to write tips every day on this blog damon. 😉 if you want detailed into. send me a detailed email. 😉

    jared- answered this question in my recent comment. 😉

    solreka- that’s cool. alternative energy is pretty hot right now. It’s only gonna get more popular. wish you luck with your blog. 100/day. shoot, if you work at it, you’ll get there.

    the masked millionaire- yup yup. post all the time. first rule of sales to get people to say yes! i didn’t learn this at some pyramid seminar. i learned it by watching Ben Affleck on “Boiler Room”

    Chelle- blahblahblahblah. yeah. that’s why i started bloggernoob.

  7. SolReka

    Thanks for those kind words bloggernoob.

    I am going to write an article now, see if I can get into the habit of writing less than 4000 words per post. :-)

    If I can write two or three paragraph posts then maybe, just maybe I could start posting 3 times a day.

    Keep up the good work

    Solar Cooking – Did you know…

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