Making money online with web surfers not web masters

web masterWhen you start your website, you should have your audience in mind. There are a lot of categories for readers, but let’s focus on the two main groups. When you’re planning to monetize a site, recognizing who your audience is one of the most important things. This is an obvious step, but i think a lot of newbie bloggers don’t think about it. You have to know your target customers. Who will buy your product or service? Is there a demand or need for your product or service? You wouldn’t set up a surf shop in Montana would you? From my experiences, i’ve determined two main categories for blog monetization. You have to decide whether or not you are going to make money online with web surfers, or web masters.

Blogs about blogging are read by other bloggers. (that was a mouthful) No random person is going to be interested in your site. The people who would consider searching for your blog are other bloggers. They are mostly bloggers who don’t know that much about blogging. I started off as a blogger newb, but now i don’t read blogs about blogging anymore. I have graduated to intermediate status. I don’t expect other intermediate bloggers to read my blog. The only people who read my blog are newb bloggers. But, my readers are still web masters. They either have their own website, or are thinking about setting one up.

In my opinion, it is more difficult to set up a successful blog that is catered to other webmasters. Webmasters already know a lot of tricks. Your content won’t be anything new. You’ll also be judged by your posts. Readers will examine your site with a critical eye. If you are not on top of things, your site could die right away. But on the plus side, money is there for monetization. A lot of people are willing to pay up to grow their web business. So, if you are good, you can make some nice change with a blog about blogging.

Blogs that are catered to non webmasters should be monetized differently. These sites can use ad programs like adsense. You should work on your keywords more with sites like this. Since you don’t really have a blog network to join, you need to get your readers from the search engines. You could spend some cash on light advertising and link building. Have a few sets of keywords in mind when you set up these type of sites. Put up high converting affiliate links in your posts. Include a lot of lead commission links.