March Domain Tournament Final

domain2.jpgWho will win the $72? The success of Make Money Blog’s awesome domain tournament made me decide to make this a regular thing. So i will be holding this domain tournament every month. If you feel like you have a kick ass domain name, enter my tournament below. All you need to do is leave me a comment with the domain name you wish to enter. The domain must be active and only one domain per entrant. The winner of the contest must link to the winning post. I do this so i can verify ownership of the domain.


12 thoughts on “March Domain Tournament Final

  1. the noob Post author

    mattaw- good luck

    jared- email the owner. maybe he’ll part with it for like 40 bucks.

    ben- is entered.

    juan- is entered.

  2. Max Miroff

    What’s all this about domain names?

    I’d like to enter mine:

    Because it just isn’t a blog about blogs unless it’s bad.

  3. bloggernoob

    moneybites is the winner. congrats. i will send you 72 via paypal. thanks guys for participating in my domain tournament. I will do more, but first i have to get the kinks out of the voting script. Seems like it’s easy to hack. I spotted that hacking activity a last week. After i get it fixed, i’ll start up my next domain tournament. thanks guys

  4. Jim

    Good job on winning moneybites, interesting too bad I didn’t find this a while ago, I wouldve entered a kick ass domain name.

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