Market Leverage Contest Ends in 6 Hours

make money online contestWhen i put up the Market Leverage contest post, i really didn’t think much of it. I was thankful to Debby over at ML for sponsoring the contest, and i thought the prizes were pretty cool. But, i had no idea that it was going to become so popular. I also knew that other bloggers were running similar contests for the same prizes. This convinced me that not a lot of people were going to enter my competition. Boy was I wrong. So far, around 200 people have entered my Market Leverage contest. If you haven’t already entered, do so now. Leave me a comment here or in my original contest post. There’s still 6 hours left in the contest. Looks like 1 in 50 will win. The odds aren’t too shabby right? I was expecting around 40 entrants but i guess i underestimated the power of the Ipod. (Long live Steve Jobs!) Since so many people entered, it might take me a couple hours to check for spam entrants. Thanks to all who entered. I will announce the winner in around 8 hours. Giving away ipods is a great way to promote your site and make money online. This contest is proof of that.

This contest made me think about some stuff. I started thinking about why so many people entered. I think it’s cause i made it easy to enter. All you have to do is leave me a comment. Also, i think the prizes played a factor. These aren’t you average useless blog prizes. These have actual monetary value. Shoot, i’d even take a broken ipod over a review on some random blog any day of the week.

I must give credit to my marketing skillz. I marketed the contest really well this time around. I hit up all the contest sites and submitted my post. I also emailed a few sweepstakes sites. And i left my post up on the top of the page for more then 12 hours. (I really should start posting less) I think i will try to notify all of the contest outlets with my future contests. After the contest ends, i will post a list of all the sites that helped me make this contest so popular. Noob out!

2 thoughts on “Market Leverage Contest Ends in 6 Hours

  1. witchypoo

    I would be interested to know that information. I gave away a good prize, and it was easy to enter, but I only had about 20 entries.

  2. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- cool. i’ll post it up tomorrow. It should help you get more entries for your next contest. be warned tho. it’s a lot of work to admin a popular contest. i’m in for a headache with this one. i was only expecting like 40 entires. yikes!

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