Match my working class salary

salary.jpgLet’s play with some number here. Specifically, let’s talk about the median annual income for people in the United States. According to the US Census Bureau in 2005, the median household income was roughly $46,000. The median annual earnings for someone in the labor force age 25 or older were $32,000. Let’s take the annual earnings number.

I started blogging on this blog a little over a month ago. I setup the blog back in July but didn’t do anything with it. It was left on the default wordpress theme with the default wordpress content. I was bored one day and decided to dive in. I’m really glad i did because my eyes have opened to the possibilities of internet business. I’m not just talking about blogs. I’m talking about other internet business too. Gotta start small then work my way up. You know the whole, “can’t fly into flying” thing. But anyway, since this is a blog let’s focus on blogging. Let’s take the 2005 US Census annual earnings figure. $32,000.

That’s not a lot of money but this is what people live off of. Hypothetically let’s try to make that with blogging.

BloggerNoob made over $700 during its first month. The number could go down next month but most likely it will go up. Let’s say for simplicity sake that BloggerNoob makes $700/month for a year. That’s $8400/year.

Now let’s set up another blog. Again for simplicity sake let’s set up another make money blog. It will take less time to set up the next blog but to keep it simple let’s give it a month to reach $700/month. Another $8400/year. You see the pattern? Repeat until you have 4 blogs that bring in $700/month. That brings the blogging annual earnings figure to $33,600. That’s $1,600 more then your average American salary. Not bad for working at home right? I’m no economist but makes logical sense don’t it?

3 thoughts on “Match my working class salary

  1. thewild1

    It is a good idea in theory. The main problem I see is what type of websites will the 4 be. If you have 4 sites about making money online, then you might be able to bring traffic to them more easily, but then you risk the chance of skimming profits across all 4 sites by essentially being competitors with each other. It would just be better to increase the strength of one site.

    If you have 4 completely different categories, then you basically will have to build up the traffic for each site, since they would be about a different subject. Also the type of affiliates and ads you use for this site, probably won’t work for other niches.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. allyn paul

    I think you need to look at the time factor. Can you write quality content often for 4 blogs and how long with that take? If you hafta spend 60 hours per week updating 4 blogs, then your $33K ain’t really that good. If you, however, can average only 25 hours per week to make the dough, then you’re The BlogFather.

  3. the noob Post author

    thewild1- i over simplified things in my post. basically you start 4 blogs on various topics. of course not all blogs can start making money right away but having a goal of 700/month per blog is not so unreasonable. it won’t be easy as you point out but i think it could be. it doesn’t have to be labor intensive either. only the initial month for setting up the site and links etc.

    allynpaul- time is money. depends on what quality means. you can write casual content in less then 30 mins. in the beginning i had to do a lot of research and it ate away at my time. now i have a better understanding of how this works so it doesn’t take me that long to write a post. i keep it casual. noway would i spend 60hours/week on anything. i spend way less then 25 hours per week now.

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