Matt Damon is crowned Sexiest man alive???

damon.jpgI like Matty D. I think he wrote a great movie, Good Will Hunting, and he’s a good actor as long as it’s not a comedic role. (terrible in the faralely bros movie, and terrible in the oceans films)

He’s a badass as Jason Bourne tho. And he played a creepy gayguy to perfection in Talented Mr. Ripley.

I know Brad and George have campained for him to be part of the sexy gang but it didn’t stick until now. Is he really sexy? He’s no Brad Pitt. Definately not a Clooney.

I think people magazine made a mistake here. I guess they are giving him props for the Bourne franchise but the title is sexiest man alive not box office hunk. I think it should go to Clooney every year personally. He was awesome in Michael Clayton FYI. Its like when Jordan was in the NBA. He should have gotten MVP every year but we can’t do that. We gotta give it to a Charles too.

Since this is not a blog about celebrities, i have to tie it in with blogging. Basically i like to think of myself as a Matt Damon. Im new and nobody cared about this blog. But i’ve written a great script and i feel that i can make it as a blogger. Im gonna work hard just like Matt Damon. There are other bloggers out there that are alot sexier but one day…i will beat them. Watch out Johnchow(brad) and shoemoney(clooney) bloggernoob(matt) is gonna work it. This is a story about hope more then anything. Im sure people assumed that ben affleck was going to be sexiest man but never Matt Damon.
PeopleMag made some other questionable choices in the past. This isn’t the worst choice people magazine made. I think the year Nick Nolte won takes the cake.