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paid-posting.jpgThe Noob is a big fan of paid posting. The reason being that it enables newb bloggers a way to make a few bucks with their blog. If sites like payperpost or sponsoredreviews didn’t exist, most bloggers would only make pennies. If you were lucky, you’d probably be able to pull in enough in one month to buy yourself a cup of coffee at starbucks. But, because of paid posting, new bloggers can make at least a few hundred bucks a month with their money making blogs. How much can you make with paid posting? Let’s find out.

I’ve made around $400 in paid posts from payperpost. Add another $400 at Sponsoredreviews, smorty, and other smaller sites. I’ve made more with referrals but i haven’t received payment yet from payperpost. I’ve been reading about how crappy payperpost is about paying referral fees. I guess we’ll see in the next month. Recently, i haven’t been getting any posting jobs over at ppp. I still regularly get Sponsoredreview gigs but that’s it. I think i can count on a few hundred a month on paid posting, but i know that i have to look elsewhere to monetize this make money blog. So, two months into my blogging career and i’ve made around $800 in paid posting. Not bad, not bad at all. I don’t think i will be able to pull in the same numbers in the coming months tho. Why? Cause of Colleen.

Colleen is the big money maker on ppp. As of today, she’s made $18,534.23. Great right? Let’s compare that total with where she was at a month ago. $18,165.74. That means that she’s made a whopping $368.49

That’s terrible. She is the biggest earner over at payperpost and she can only make around 370 dollars a month? What are they doing at ppp. I thought they got like 10 million in funding. Why not use it to get some more advertisers and jobs for the bloggers who made that site successful. Maybe it’s a fluke. Let’s look at another top earner at ppp. Chan made 13,473.03 in December, her November total was 13,363.11. Chan made $109.92 this past month. WTF!?!?

I know that google taxed them of their PR and they can’t take higher paying opportunities anymore, but still. Their earning makes me sad.

I will report again next month of these stats and see if this continues. But I’ve already given up on making a lot of money with paid posting. I still endorse paid posting cause it really is a great way to make a few dollars, but i realize that you won’t be able to make much from it. In the long run, it’s best to grow your blog to a point where you can get some private ad dollars.

16 thoughts on “Maximum payperpost

  1. Moolahking

    Yeah Noob,

    I saw their earning before and compared to this month, It’s shocked me as i saw the difference is only a dollars away..Hahaha..That’s why i never thought of signing up with PPP. Sucks, doesn’t it?

    Another thing, does google sucks for taxing bloggers for their PR? Well, i’m much more ‘Noob’er than you..Hehehehe :)

  2. ryan

    N00b, it really sucks right now. I’ve made $2500 with PPP since March and now I am getting NOTHING. It’s horrible even with their “Real Rank”

  3. Allen Johnson

    That is why I would never write paid post on my blog it is just like having a job meaning you never get paid what you are worth so my site is going to mainly stick to advertisement and writing about affiliate products I like or heard great things about . but bloggernoob I still think you are going to be in top bloggers for 2008

  4. the noob Post author

    moolahking- yup google sucks. but they are king. us mere peasant can’t do shit. pardon my french.

    ryan- real rank is a joke. i still use ppp just cause it’s the biggest but i think sponsoredreviews is the best site for paid posting.

    allen johnson- i think private ads is the way to go. im just not as patient as you. so i wanted to make a few bucks along the way. long term tho….your method is prob better cause you get to keep your PR. thanks allen for thinking i’ll be a top blogger. knock on wood. allen, i recommend you get your own domain and hosting. blogspot is for noobs.

  5. black.pixie

    From what I remember, Chan is the same person that owns She stopped doing PPP posts a while ago ‘cos of the CrapSense/PR thing. That might be why her PPP earnings have dropped somewhat.

  6. madWAHM

    I’ve been doing some paid posting for PPP for about 2 months now and have earned about $400.

    What I have found is that getting the good job opps is a matter of luck and timing.

    I’ve found the highest paying opps available on weekdays between the hours of 3pm and 6pm.

    The good – high paying jobs get snatched up right away.

  7. the noob Post author

    madwahm- thanks for the tip. i have to agree it is a matter of timing and chance. hopefully they can set up a something to make it more systematic. 400 in two months ain’t too shabby. you’re making more then 99.9% of bloggers in the whole world. :)

  8. bloggernoob

    exinco- yeah, it’s been slow over there. more then that, what’s bugging ms is their itk code. it’s damn slow. if it continues, i think i’m gonna boot them from my blog.

  9. the noob Post author

    moserw- it’s an easy way to start monetizing a new site. i don’t recommend it as a long term strategy, but in the beginning, it’s great. 😉

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