melvinblogI like jumping from blog to blog because it lets me know what’s going on in the www. I started this blog about 9 months ago so i’ve kinda established bloggernoob dot com in my niche. I don’t visiting a lot of the blogs in my niche cause the info is all so boring. And most don’t really teach you how to make money online. But i still occasionally browse around to see what people are up to. It’s important to visit sites that are bigger and smaller then your own. You don’t just learn from the popular bloggers. Bloggers who are noobies can also teach you a thing or two. Networking is important if you want to grow your blog. That’s why i like to review different blog every once in a while. Today, i wanted to review melvinblog dot com.

Melvinblog is a blog that is similar to my own. Let me start by saying that i like the domain. I know a lot of people like to use their names as the domain, but it is usually not a good idea. What it if come time to sell the blog? And do you really want your name to be famous as a MMO blogger? Melvinblog went 50-50 with this. He went with his name, but used blog instead of his lst name. Good choice. At least the domain has one relevant keyword in it.

The content is neither good nor bad. My blog is like that too. I don’t think MMO blogs can have great content. It’s just not that interesting. No one really says much about anything. It’s just the way this niche is. The design of melvinblog is nice and simple. It’s clean and there aren’t a lot of ads to slow the load time or distract visitors. The comments section is strong and Melvin is doing a good job of monetizing his site with private ads. It’s cool how he thanks his sponsors too. Ranking is solid except his Alexa. I would recommend a mixture of link building and working entrecard to get the Alexa around 150k. Won’t cost money and it should be easily done. I also sent Melvin 5000 entrecard credits, so that should be put to good use.

There are millions of blogs in the blogosphere. With small and medium size blogs, i don’t think it’s about content. I think it deals with personality. Melvin seems like a really cool guy. You read his posts and realize that he’s down to earth. I’m not sure if this is his only blog. I would recommend branching out with other blogs to increase his earnings. Obviously he knows how to set up a nice blog. Keep up the good work Melvin.

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  1. H2O

    “There are millions of blogs in the blogosphere. With small and medium size blogs, i don’t think it’s about content. I think it deals with personality.”

    I agree with you on that. It ain’t always about the content, the owner also participates in it.

  2. sunil


    Sub : wud love comments on my blog

    Hi there,
    I like viewing others blog and skim through their posts. Bit envied about the readerships and the visitors and the feeds.. anyways can you help me out with a few comments on what I could do for my personal blog..
    Would love to get some exp commenting on my blogs..

    Thanking u

    #Sorry for the format.. intended to be funny… LOLZ.. no spammings!!

  3. the noob Post author

    h2o- blog personality goes a long way. u can either be humorous, authoritative, nice, or no bullshit (brutally honest). pick a style that reflects your personality and over-exaggerate it. πŸ˜‰

    desmond- no problem desmond. twas my pleasure to help out a blogging friend.

    da blogger- i stopped doing that now, but check back with me, i run promos like that quite often. πŸ˜‰

    sunil- sure, i’ll pop by and leave u a few. πŸ˜‰

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