Microsoft 1978

microsoft19781.jpgLet’s hop on our delorean and go back 29 years. Microsoft in 1978. Look at this company. Its is now one of the largest companies in the world and in this pictures, two of the richest people on the planet are smiling at us. bottom left is Billy Gates and bottom right is Pauly Allen. I’m sure all of you would join this company if you could go back in time. What i want to say in this post is this. Companies like this form everyday. Most of them go out of business and only the lucky 2-3 percent make the shareholders rich. Is it worth it to try even though the success rate is low? Yup. What else have you got to lose? I’d rather be broke and trying then stuck in midsville. I’m not saying a blog will make you rich. I’m saying that starting out with a blog will lead to other things and as you keep learning and growing, your percentage goes up. Its like poker, sit tight and play when you got the hands. The world is becoming digital and don’t be the last guy standing on analog roots. The internet is huge right now but it will only get bigger. Stake your claim right now before your choices are limited.

Rich get richer and poor stay poor because people like to gather around other people. A site that already has visitors will only get more, while a site with 2 readers will lose a reader. People want to be in the know. Before Chris Nolan made Batman Returns, I hated the Batman flicks. But i watched every single one of them on opening day cause i wanted to be in the know. Kids would talk about it at school and i didn’t want to be left out. I knew it would suck but i had to watch it so i could be specific with my critique.

dance.jpgWhen you go to youtube, the most watched clip is Judson Laipply’s evolution of dance. Its a nice little clip but it really isn’t deserving of the coveted most watched clip of all time status. When i first joined youtube, that clip was the most viewed clip. Obviously because it was one of the first clips on there, it kept on growing. There are billions of clips on youtube but that clip will remain the most watched cause people will clicking it just cause its #1.

Its important to be one of the first. Its better to be first at something, rather then being the best at something. So don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy, or if you’re not web savvy. Just be the first in your circle and you can make some money in the future. The world wide web is still fairly new, so you can still be one of the first people to start using it for business.

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