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milliondollarwiki.jpgGraham from entrecard is selling his first project, million dollar wiki dot com. He made around 100k with this baby and is now moving on to greener pastures. He’s trying to sell it for around 25k and i think it’s way over priced. It should sell for around 15k. It’s overpriced cause the whole million dollar wiki fad has come and gone. Johncow set up million euro wiki and it hasn’t sold 80 pages yet. Some people are now just getting started in this game. A little too late guys. One dollar wiki, quarter wiki, 27 cents wiki, British pound wiki, Korean won wiki.

I think a lot of websites that make it, reach a certain point and it dies. This happens usually with marketing related websites like million dollar wiki. Cause only a handful of people actually want to buy a hand full of pages. Once the page for “make money online” sells, there really isn’t much to buy. Who wants to pay for a random page on a random wiki site?

Anyway, Graham is doing pretty well with entrecard and congrats to him on this venture. And good luck with the sale of million dollar wiki. If i was looking to buy a website for that type of money, I’d rather buy a blog like cashquests then million dollar wiki. Cashquests has potential to grow whereas million dollar wiki is on it’s way down. Obviously why he’s selling it. Of course he says he’s selling it to fund his new business…but come on. If he felt that he could still make money with million dollar wiki, he would keep it rolling.

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  1. delia

    Anyway, Graham is doing pretty well with entrecard and congrats to him on this venture.I just wish for him his success in his project and I’m hoping also that he can help more people through his project that he provide.

    Did you see it? One more time? You won’t get faked out here!

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