Money is power

money.jpgI think most people believe that money is power. I was talking to a friend of mine who asked why the richest people in America, don’t run the show. If money is power, why aren’t they high ranking officials?

The answer is easy and obvious. Because people with money are too rich and powerful to be public officials. That’s just stupid. It’s more fun and secure to be puppet masters. Look at how the Bush family shakes at the rich families of Saudi Arabia. Who do you think makes the laws of this land. It’s the rich. The rich place government officials into office. They control them with money. In return, they get tax breaks, tax shelters, and government contracts.

If government is run this way, don’t you think business is run the same? If business is run this way, then the make money blogs are run this way too. It’s sad that money is so important. At least it unites most people in that we all have a singular goal. Make money or die trying.