Money is the most important thing

money.jpgWe are taught at an early age that the most important thing in life is love. We are taught that money isn’t everything and that it won’t buy happiness. What a load of crock. I stopped believing in people after i found out Santa Claus and Jesus wasn’t real. But seriously, money is probably the most important thing. It can buy most everything. Mo money mo problems? If i had more money, i wouldn’t mind the problems. You have to compare the problems of people without money. I’d rather have the rich folk problems. Anyway, this post might be a bit cynical, so if you dot your “i”s with hearts or you sing carols when it isn’t Christmas, you might want to skip this one.

As i mentioned, i’m in Los Angeles to make the final arrangement for my wedding. I’ve had to drive to dozens of wedding stores. Bridal gown shop, flower shops, photo studios, etc. I’m about to go crazy. Why does it have to be so stressful. And i realized, it’s cause i’m not rich. If i was rich, i probably wouldn’t face these stresses. Granted, i’d probably face some other rich man’s stress, but honestly, i’d rather deal with rich man’s problems.

You want a hassle free, story book wedding? You better have some cash. The average wedding cost 33k. This is one day folks. Think about it, 33k. That’s one years salary for most people in America. That’s 10 years salary for people in Inda or China. We spend it on one day. Of course it’s a special day. But is it worth 10 years of working in a sweat shop? And i’m just talking about the average wedding. That estimate can double up to 66k if you want a “special” wedding.

Between flower shops i got to thinking about marriage. I love my fiancee, but we fight pretty often. It’s cause i’m hot tempered and pig headed. Anyway, i was thinking about what makes a marriage work. And i think i figured it out. It’s money. No matter how much you love each other, when there are money problems, usually the marriage doesn’t work. If someone cheats, it can be forgiven, but if your husband consistently makes bad investments, doesn’t work, is jobless, you’ll leave his ass. Fighting about the dishes is one thing, but fighting about the mortgage is a whole new ballgame.

Let’s dig deeper into different type of relationships. We aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but we do everyday. We treat our rich friends or associates a little differently. We surround ourselves with people who are similar in wealth. Cause you can’t keep treating poor friends to free meals or golf. Making plans with friends who can’t afford certain pricier restaurant makes you hang out with that friend less. When i talk to an investor who has a net worth of 10 million dollars, i treat him better then the investor who needs to finance everything.

Blogging works similarly. When a blogger spends money to advertise on my blog, i’ll probably notice that blog more. If a blogger shows his fat earning i’ll probably pay more attention. That’s why every infomercial, pyramid scheme, make money blog, talks about instant riches. They don’t tell you the how, they just show you testimonials of other idiots making tens of thousands of dollars. Why? Cause people pay attention. Idiots pay attention. Most importantly noob bloggers pay attention. Make money blogs make money off of noob bloggers. Simple as that. All of the private ad sales on high traffic make money blogs are bought by newbie bloggers. Newbie bloggers are the one that will sign up under you. Newb bloggers are the ones who will get you some referral income. Noob bloggers are the ones subscribing to your RSS and giving you all that traffic.

I’ve noticed a lot more guest bloggers on certain make money blogs. Crappy blogs. I’ve also read about how some bloggers got rejected by these crappy make money bloggers for guest posting gigs. And i saw a connection. The ones that got rejected didn’t pay up. The ones that are guest blogging are the ones that bought an ad. Talk about buying your way into the circle. So if you got rejected by a blogger for a guest posting job, don’t feel so bad, you’re didn’t play the game. You have to pay up to get a guest posting gig. Didn’t you know that?

I hate guest bloggers and i hate posts done by guest bloggers. Just my personal preference. If i were to use guest bloggers on my blog, you better believe i’d give special consideration for people who have paid me. For example, A blogger and B blogger both want to guest post for bloggernoob dot com. I only have one spot available. A blogger writes a little better, but is poor and cheap, meaning he never advertised on my blog. B blogger is not as good as A blogger but paid me $450 for an ad last month. Who do you think i’ll let guest post for me. Obviously i’ll lean toward the $450. It’s just smart business. He’ll maybe want to advertise on my blog again.

Deep down in my gut, i still have some hope about life. I know not everything runs on the mighty coin. And i have dreams that have nothing to do with the dollar. But i just wanted to punch in my 2 cents about how important money. Money does create more money. I encourage educated investments in ads and etc, but when you’re noob, don’t spend any money. Learn the trade first before you shell out your wallet.

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  2. eastcoastlife

    Congrats! You’re getting married!

    OMG! 33K for a wedding!? It would be a lovely one in Singapore at that price.

    Yes, money is very important. You need it to live comfortably when you are well and also when you are sick. Most noticeably will be when one has to be warded for an illness. Then you realise, the more money one have, the better chances of living longer.

  3. designbycha

    go back to when we are monkeys. we hunt and get food. pick berries and find shelter. we now built society that use money for our needs and desires. money is the most important thing. but, for things outside of our basic needs, money means nothing. the moment we are going to die, money becomes useless

  4. Caroline

    You haven’t told us when the big day is so I better say Congratulations in case I ‘miss’ it.

    Money is important, but it’s always good to keep some balance.

  5. Glen L Graham

    I love your frigging post! Like you I don’t think money is everything,but it’s just about everything. congrats on the wedding. the only people that say money isn’t everything are rich folks and delusional people.

    As a wedding gift I would like to offer you free of charge a slide show for you and your soon to be wife. pick 20-30 of your favorite picks with your favorite song and I will do the rest. Email me and I will give you more details. Or if you rather I make you a printed photo collage.

    Welcome to the crew I have been married for 5 years,email me any support questions you may have. :-)

  6. ImaNicePerson

    Congrats and good luck in your impending marriage. The best advice I give to my friends on marriage is….You must come to realize that 2+2 could actually equal 5. In other words, pick your battles and only fight those which are most important.

    Best of luck and again…congratulations.

    PS. Maybe you can start a “Discount wedding” blog. That would bring in some serious traffic. :)

  7. Chica

    My wedding cost me 30 Oh and money is certainly important in a lot of aspects, but I wouldn’t cut throats to get some, especially in business, I would be the one to help the A blogger to improve his writing and allow him an ad spot, in between letting the other one have one as well.

  8. Jack Payne

    Yes, I’d like to add my congratulations on your forthcoming nuptial vows, Bloggernoob. You still fight? At $33,000 a pop this could be a problem investment, which I hope you will overcome.

    Are you housebroken?

    Remember, money isn’t everything, but it does make misery a lot easier to live with.

  9. the noob Post author

    eastcoastlife- yeah. money does help with living longer. look at magic johnson, he has hiv, but looks healthier then ever. it’s cause he’s rich. no disrespect to magic, he used to be one of my favorite ball players.

    designbycha- true, on out deathbed, it means nothing. but while we are alive, it sometimes seems like everything.

    caroline- thanks caroline. i can’t believe i’m getting married. and ur right. balance is key to happy living.

    alanj878- not sure if this month’s income report will be that great, been kinda busy with the wedding. good luck on your contest, they are really fun for both entrants and contester holder.

    glenlgraham- glen, where were you a couple of days ago. thanks for the offer. but i already paid the deposit for my photographs. i bought the package deal that comes with everything, slideshows etc.

    imaniceperson- 2 plus 2 is 5. duh! i knew that when i proposed! :) wedding blog is a nice idea. i think i could get a lot of male readers. how to save money etc.

    chica- 30 dollars? damn i wish i could get you to talk some sense into my fiancee.

    formortv- should i break another bad news. the easter bunny isn’t real either. and mickymouse is really a middle aged hispanic lady. i know…cause i used to work at disneyland.

    jackpayne-yes i’m housebroken. if i wasn’t, don’t think she would have said yes.

    julie- thanks jules. may i call u jules? opps too late.

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  11. The Arabic Student

    If I ever get married there’s no way I’m paying 33k on a wedding. It’s just going to be a cheap private get together. If I were a millionaire (several millions) I’d consider it, but spending a year’s salary on 1 day is just plain stupid. Maybe you’ll get a hotter wife if you’re willing to shell out money for a wedding, presents, etc, but you’re also going to be working harder for a woman like that. What do you value more, a pretty face that’s going to decay with time or being able to enjoy your life and not have to work all the time?

  12. Charles Roldan

    Money Is The Most Important Thing… To Greedy People

    I will be brief.

    Happiness is about keeping your life in line with your expectations. The point of advertising, corporate culture, or whatever hippie slang you want to use, is to artificially raise these expectations.

    Realize that Western society (especially in the US) is fundamentally greedy, superficial, and materialistic. People lived happily without all the shit that is common now. So why has it become (rather suddenly) essential?

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