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moneytalks.jpgDon’t set up a make money blog if you haven’t made any money by blogging. I started this blog without any previous blogging income. That’s why it was hard for me in the very beginning. I almost quit. It wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t making me any extra dollars. It was rather sad. Blogging isn’t fun if no one reads what you wrote. If nobody reads your blog posts, it’s like you’re talking to yourself. Or if you have one reader, and that reader is your mom, then you’re text messaging your mom, not blogging.

If you’re a noobie and you want to start blogging, i would recommend that you start with a topic you enjoy. I started a few blogs for some friends a couple of weeks ago. When i asked them what type of blog they want to start, they told me that they wanted to start a bloggernoob type blog. I shook my head. They think it’s fun now, but it wasn’t when i started. First off, i didn’t know what to write. Not having made any money, i didn’t know how to write content for this make money blog. Secondly, i was this close to quitting. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if i had quit. I didn’t spend any money on this blog and my life would have just gone on normal. But because i somehow stuck with it, i’m now investing money into internet business, and i’m having a blast with this blog. But i think my blog was a special case. It’s the exception not the rule. I think most bloggers quit within the first couple of weeks of starting a blog. They quit cause nobody reads. They quit cause it takes a lot more work then they first calculated. They quit cause they don’t make any money. When you see an A-list blogger’s income report, you say to yourself, “shit, i can do that!” But it’s a lot harder then it looks. Make money blogging is a high maintence low reward business in the early stage. No wonder 99% of newb bloggers quit within the first two weeks.

Blogging about what you know gives you an obvious advantage cause you know the subject well. This equips with loads of content. If you love the Lakers, you should blog about the lakers. You’ll probably never run out of things to say. Of course you might repeat a few things every once and again, but you’ll never run dry. I have a blog that i write about natalie, scarlett, keira, and rosario. I updated that blog every few days. And honestly, i never run out of things to say. I love these actresses. They are talented and beautiful. You should check it out.

I see a dozen new make money blogs born every day. Probably more but from what i’ve seen, none of them make any money. These guys are the ones who will quit. These guys are the new fish that sit at the poker table. They’ll quickly leave after dropping a few bucks on the table. These noobs are the ones web hosting affiliates prey on every day.

I’m a hypocrite? You’re probably right. You can blame that on my Christian upbringing. I started a make money blog without making any money. True. But let me warn you, make money blogs are hard to manage. It’ll most likely make you quit blogging. I’m just making a suggestion. If you want to start a blog, start with a topic that you know. Then as you grow you blog, set up another one. Then after you made a few bucks from you blogs, set up a make money blog. Make logical sense right? In any type of business, money talks.

If a bum came up to you and told you of some business opportunity, would u hand him money to invest? Never. He’s all stanky and you’d probably be a bit turned off. Even if it was a great idea, you’d be laughing in the back of your head. But let’s say that you run into that same bum a few months later. He’s all clean, wearing some nice jeans, and he’s not stanky. He’s talking on his cellphone and recognizes you. He says hi to you. You’d be amazed right? You would be all curious. If he told you that he started an online business and is making some nice side income, you’d probably listen. Maybe now you’ll give him some change. Same thing with blogging. Set up a blog that makes money first. Then start a make money blog.

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  2. Ben Barden

    Amen to that. Problem is, a lot of people just jump straight in and only learn from making the mistake instead of hearing about it from somebody else. Some people may even read posts like this and say “ah, but I’ll be different”. Unfortunately, that doesn’t usually happen.

    I know that some people would rather get started and read up on tips and tricks later. I think this approach can work – so long as the person didn’t choose a niche that they don’t know or that’s heavily saturated. You can do it if you take things slowly and you’re patient. “Slow and patient” does not equate to “get rich quick” though… and I think that’s what everybody wants. They’re going to be disappointed!

  3. black.pixie

    Yep, noobie noob noob. I so agree with you – that it’s easier to set up a blog about something you enjoy. ‘Cos the money making ain’t gonna be instant. Writing about something you love will make the initial journey easier.

    take care, my friend.

  4. Annie

    Of course we all want to make money, even those of us that have a passion for a certain topic. I love travel and sharing all my cool finds and worthy information, but I know I am on a slow journey to making money. I am looking for stability in my blog and my readers. I get to know my readers and think of them when I write. I do not want to scare them away with all of my money making techniques or lack thereof. I do a lot of research first and try to let you money making blogs make the mistakes for me before I dive into anything. I feel good about my plan and my readers feel like family.

  5. Annie

    Hey Noob, while I am here I came across a new problem maybe you could shed some light on. I applied to an affiliate that requires I post a privacy policy on my site. I don’t see a need for a privacy policy on my site since I don’t require any personal info from my readers, but the reading I have been doing suggests it is for my own protection. What are your thoughts? I started a discussion on BlogCatalog but no one is biting because it is a boring topic, ha ha.

  6. the noob Post author

    alanj878- maybe our cosmic waves got tangled during the recent storm. :)

    ben- yup. it’s like when you were a kid, and your parents or adults would give you advice. it was all good advice but you never really follow it.

    tim- i’m still a noob. but i guess i’m making more then 99.99999% of noob bloggers. should i change my name? naw! i love bloggernoob. and i don’t want to have to get my new tatoo removed from my left butt cheek. it reads “Kiss my bloggernoob”

    mrsmoney- haha. thanks. i like it too, but some think it’s rather creepy. i say, it’s my blog and i can do whatever i want. love your name btw. mrsmoney. would u my sugar mama?

    blackpixie- yup. i think it applies to work too. gotta do what you enjoying doing. cause we’re all gonna die one day. might as well have some fun along the way. main reason i stopped going to church. lol

    annie- i think it’s cool what you’re doing with your blog. you’re creating friends. but it’s hard to make money off of friends. so i think you should make another blog with the sole intention of making money. no? i have around 10 blogs and 7 of them i monetize it. But three of them, i just use as an online diary of sorts.

    privacy policy…like a disclosure statement? what affiliate? i’ve actually not had experience with that, but to be on the safe side, maybe i should set up a page with my privacy policy. i’ll probably put it under my disclosure page.

    autuan- u didn’t leave a comment. u do this again, and i’ll have to remove u and put u on my spam list. just leaving u here to make an example out of u.

  7. Erz

    Agreed. There are too many make money blogs out there nowadays. Blogging about something you are passionate in is definitely a better way to start. And often, the money just comes in naturally after that.

  8. Glen L Graham

    Hey noob
    Great post.Your make money blog is the only one I read. You always have a interesting blogging voice that I have come to admire.
    p.s I’m done with my review of your blog.

  9. the noob Post author

    erz- yup. i go with a job that i love that doesn’t pay as much, over a job i hate that makes me rich anyday. But sometimes, i think i would try out the rich shitty job for a few years and then make the switch. lol the noob is greedy

    glengraham- thanks glen. i went over to your blog but couldn’t find the review. can you point me to it. thanks

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