More deep links

deeplinks.jpgI mentioned in an earlier post the power of deep linking. I’ll explain a little bit further on why it’s so crucial. Bloggernoob dot com is ranked 8th for search term, “make money blog.” I was ranked 10th yesterday but i guess i moved up two notches. My place and rank for those search terms are not fixed, meaning…that i could easily lose my spot for those keywords. Why? Cause my blog is still fairly new and i haven’t build up enough deep links. If i had a few more deep links that pointed directly to individual “make money blog” posts, i would feel a lot safer with my position on google. But since i haven’t, i have to continue to type in my keywords to remain on the first page of google. I have to continue to fill my front page with “make money blog” posts. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, cause it helps me get in the habit of typing in my keywords. But i would prefer it if i didn’t always have to do these mundane keyword typing.

What are deep links? Simply put, they are links to your individual posts. It’s important to write quality content so that those individual posts get linked to. These would be the so called “pillar posts.” I’m all for short articles, but i understand that i need to improve on writing some lengthy pillar type posts to build up my deep links.

I had another search term that was featured on the first page of google search. Those keywords were “learn to blog.” As of today, i am ranked 28th. Sucks right? I fell almost 20 places cause i didn’t continue to type in those keywords. But, if i had a few deep linked articles that discussed “learn to blog,” i think i would still hold my first page spot. If only i developed some links with anchoring text “learn to blog.” Anyway, get in the practice of working on your deep links. When you’re asking for links, makes sure they link to individual posts as opposed to your home page. And make sure they use your keywords as anchoring text.