More free stuff for noobs!

bloggernoobprize.jpgFor my next contest, i wanted you guys to pick the prize. I still have a lot of mp3 players and portable media players laying around. I was thinking of doing something more democratic with the prize selection. I’ll let you guys vote for what the prize will be. How fun right? I will give you the details of the contest after the voting has concluded.

Do you guys want the prize to be an IRIVER 20 gig PMP(portable media player). It plays videos, music, and photos. Price is $249.99 retail on amazon dot com.


Do you guys want my ebook? It is also valued at $249.99. This is great for beginners and you’re sure to make millions if you read this ebook. The prize is only the ebook, not the Sony digital book reader.(some of you may not know that i am joking about the ebook…i hate ebooks…but it will be the default prize if nobody picks the IRIVER PMP)

So VOTE NOW by leaving me a comment! And remember, if you have small boobies or a small penis, you should subscribe to my RSS feed.

14 thoughts on “More free stuff for noobs!

  1. Moolahking


    I want IRIVER..!! I want IRIVER..!!! 20gigs PMP..!! I want IRIVER..!!!

    Hey noob, does your room full with all these stuff, eh? So many things you want to give away, I LIKE THAT..!!!! :)

    Again, i want IRIVER..!! I want IRIVER..!!!

  2. Moolahking

    Ohh i forgot,

    Since i got a big penis, already subscribe to your RSS before. Those who just subscribed, maybe they own a small one..Hahahahaha..!!!

  3. the noob Post author

    IRIVER it shall be!!! i’ll post the contest sometime this week. it’ll be a short one so come back soon guys, or you might miss it!

  4. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- i put the picture on top. it’s a portable media player. you can play music and movies on it. it also holds digital files and pictures.

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