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multiple mariaAs you can see, bloggernoob dot com has a PR2. It’s no biggie, but it’s was a surprise cause i never expected it.

I have over 100 domains in my stash. I’ve developed sites on half of them. (mostly blogs) A lot of those sites have received PR as well. This one site, i received a PR3. It’s only got around 10 posts on it. It’s amazing.

With that PR, i could probably manage to squeeze some nice cash out of it. There was a time that i regretted getting so many domains. Now, i like to think positive. The cost of a domain name is less then $10. Now, i just have to make sure that i can extract at least $10/year for each domain. No problem. It’s cake walk. All i need to do is sell one link and i got the cost covered.

Hosting multiple blogs doesn’t cost that much. I can host up to 50 blogs on my current shared server. All you need is the time and will to set up a few more blogs.

When you have multiple blogs, you can leverage your blogs with advertisers. If an advertiser passes on purchasing an ad from you, you can add links on your other blogs to get them to purchase. I’ve sold a few ads by adding on links.

When you set up multiple blogs, you can make more money with paid plugs. If you currently make 5 dollars a day with paid plugs, imagine how much you can make with 3 more blogs. You just added triple your current income.

Another plug for multiple blogging is the fact that you can link build with your own community of blogs. You don’t have to go begging for links anymore. Just link to yourself from your other blogs. I really believe multiple blogging is the way to make money online.

19 thoughts on “More reason to multiple blog

  1. zawadi

    I’m so chicken to get a domain, but I think after I work on another blog on WP and I can get good traffic I will upgrade it.

    The only problem is every name is taken, that I would want for a website lol.

  2. the noob Post author

    zawadi- chicken to get a domain? why? cause of the cost? you do realize that it cost less then 10 bucks for a domain. Or, you can get a dot info domain for much less. I say make the jump. Don’t waste your time on a wordpress hosted blog. Get your own host(10/month) and your own domain for your wordpress blog. Domain name isn’t that important. Don’t try too hard to get a cool sounding one. get one that has at least one of the keywords your looking for. make the jump. go for it!

    murad- it does take a lot of time if you want all of your blogs to be updated daily. it would be impossible. But if you spread it out….have most of your blogs updated once every week or two weeks….then it’s doable. The thing is to try to grow blogs. u don’t have to keep writing every day on each blog.

  3. Matt

    I can see the advantages of having multiple domains but what I really want to know is how you go about making money from them, for example you say you’re making about a $1,000 a month, but how do you get that?

  4. Chica

    I think it’d be helpful having multiple blogs, only because it attracts different people. Totally different themed blogs are the way to go as well. Anyhoo just commenting here, cuz I hadn’t in awhile, so keep up the ace work Noober!

  5. rhyan

    I agree with it. The more blog you got the more chances to earn a lot but on my way I keep my other site on stand by waiting for a higher PR so I can make some more bucks on it.

  6. Shirley

    I don’t understand the photos on your blog.
    None pertain to the post. So why use them?
    I was looking forward to reading about the people in the photos but to my surprise not even a name was posted with them.
    I had and held the #1, #3, #4 and #5 PR for months before Google deleted my blogs for having ads other than Adsense on them. Blogs 2 years old got deleted along with my newest that didn’t have any ads at all on it. I lost 14 blogs. I did learn to make back-up of the ones I have now.

  7. Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal

    noob, I hope you have time to visit my blog. Just read anything in my “tech” section. We seem to have reached similar conclusion but we’re having vastly different results.

    And I stopped too because of the Sharapova pic. So I imagine that’s why he chooses them :)

  8. the noob Post author

    chica- welcome welcome. How you been? Thanks for dropping by doll

    jared- yeah, i visit your blog from time to time. I’m a gamer myself u know 😉

    rhyan- that’s a good strategy. My point is that too. Even if you don’t make money right away, it’s good to constantly be growing multiple blogs. It’s like farming.

    shirley- sorry my post wasn’t about sharapova. I would love to talk about her, but not sure how to tie her in with a make money blog. 😉 sucks what happened. yeah, it’s important to keep backups of your sites. I have it set on auto. If i’m not mistaken, i think you should contact your host. they probably have an old backup somewhere in their system. Maybe you can salvage some of your sites.

    dave- checked it out dave. What do you mean vastly different results. You’re making a lot more? or a lot less? Cause your blog looks nice. yeah, she’s very talented and good to look at. Double wammy. Too bad kornakouva never won anything.

  9. Forest Parks

    I have recently launched my first three niche blogs, I have my main blog and one that I make almost all my money from which is a PR3.

    I don’t make enough money right now but know that niche and multiple blogs will be the way forward.

    I am developing a personlized version of a free theme for my niche sites, so that i can have a light / dark version, upload it, design a new header and start posting.

    Here are the early versions of it.

    This is one of my sites with the theme in it’s original supplied state.

    Like I said, I make no money off these yet but hope to start very soon.

    What do you think of the theme, any suggestions for me? How do you get your paid plugs for new domains?

  10. Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal

    Hi bloggernoob
    So we’re just talking here, but I’m not a regular visitor here so I spent a little time reading today to get a feel for things. So I found this post about the multiple blogs and thought it might be some real nuts and bolts on how to convert that into a revenue stream, but was a little surprised you’d paid 1000 and would be satisfied to break even. Everybody’s entitle to their own goals, but I was just surprised.

    I didn’t start out with the goal to make money online, like you and the viral videos, but stumbled on the idea. But once I made the descision I chose to keep my startup cost low and earnings goals high-and that’s what I mean by vastly different

    There are much cheaper ways to buy domain names and a few ways to make more than a thousand a month. I’m afraid I’m not in agreement with your recent post that the primary way to make money online is from advertisement.

    And today you wrote
    And I was very surprised at that stance-again I’m new so I don’t know the relationship you have with your readers.

    In this piece you mention your PR2 and I’m not sure if that’s high or low for you. But you also mention selling links. You’re aware of the correlation right? As well as paid post?

    So we’re just 2 guys talking and I’m just learning how you approach things. I kind of wish we were in person because I know I could make this sound as open as I’m intending it. I wrote my blog kind of in a vacuum the first 6 months and not really talked to other bloggers.

  11. bloggernoob

    dave- i really appreciate your comment here. your mini speech got me curious. I’ve visited you site before, but i had to swing back over there and read your abouts section. Chicago ehh. i’m currently living in Chicago too. am originally from LaLa land. Looks like you’ve had some hard dealings, but it seemed like an adventure. From your questions and arguments, i wanted to know more about your online ventures. How many sites do you run? what kind of sites? how much you’re making from sites, etc. If it’s a drag to comment back here, shoot me an email at

  12. Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal

    Yes, bn, I am aware of your location.

    In fact after watching your video I was going to make a little joke about the connection to Ted K (better known as the Unabomber). He’s from a few blocks west of my current location, and one of his little stories is currently running on YouTube enacted by little toy men. But as you said-you’re from LA, my home away from home-so the joke would’ve been null. HDTV still in storage up in the valley collecting dust…

    I run 10 adsense and 10 ebay sites that I’m running experiments on. 100 a day on adsense and similar on ebay. But if you read my post about this insane MMO thing then you know I can scale up and have a hundred of those sites instead of 10-each. But I need to renovate the rest of my house, and since the rain is done I can’t put it off any longer. As you know the property cost in LA got out of control, so out here I was able to do big profits on house flipping.

    These past couple of days I’ve strung all my little money theories into “series” and I’ve got about 3-4 more “episodes” to go.

  13. Forest Parks

    I loved the simplicity of Garry’s theme and was desperate to change the look, so I dug in and learned a little more about modifying themes. I am pretty confident now that I can get things to go where I want them to!

    Overall I run 7 sites right now. I only make money from one (and a little from another) but am working to do something about that!

  14. the noob Post author

    dave- U got me more interested. I’m forced to send you an email. 😉 hopefully we can chat one of these days.

    forest- 7 is a good number. I checked out a few of your sites. Looks pretty sharp. I’ve followed your progress, i must say that you’re learning really fast. A lot faster then me when i started. But u can’t blame me…i’m just a noob

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