My new Dell desktop

My awesome new desktop computer made by Dell. Got it at QVC. Gonna Make Money Online with my new Dell. CLICK PICTURE!!!


7 thoughts on “My new Dell desktop

  1. Gabriel Winge

    I was roaming Google for some cool music and videos of my favorite artists and I ran across your cool blog, most of the time when I visit blogs I am looking for something specific and I leave immediately after. But in your case the info you are giving in this post made me want to reply and show my appreciated, so I have bookmarked you blog as well. Keep posting and thank you! =)

  2. iTunes

    Lol. I didn’t think that the video was going anywhere…but at around halfway…it got good. Still, still computer would be classified as good compared to some of the people in the stone ages. And to others, it now looks like that computer is from the stone ages. Jeez, technology…

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