My official first month income

Blogging for dollars is not as easy as i first expected but I’m still very surprised at how much i was able to make during my first month. I spent more hours on this blog then all of my off line businesses combined. The reason is because i tried to learn everything from scratch. I’m very much a do-it-yourself type of guy. I like to teach myself new things every once and again. Of course i won’t need to spend as much time this month. The past 30 days i spent countless hours tweaking my sites theme. Then i got a new theme and started tweaking that. I signed up to different forums and networking sites. I signed up with multiple affiliate sites and post programs. I built up links and i commented on other blogs. I emailed and brainstormed. Mostly i researched, read, and wrote. Here are my stats for my first month.










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  1. Allyn Paul

    Very impressive. What are you listing from CJ to earn $468 ?
    Also, how many hits are you getting per day total and what is the bounce rate and avg time on site? (assuming you utilize Google analytics)
    Too many questions? sorry, I am curious.

  2. bloggernoob

    cj were some domain name registrations and hosting signups. im at around 100 uniques a day. i’ll get back to you about the bounce rate and avg time. no worries mate. i think bloggers should help each other out.

  3. Allyn Paul

    I appreciate your willingness to help. I have subscribed to your feed. It’s nice to interact with a blogger that is interested in sharing info on a personal level. Some of the “big boys” give good info in posts, but too general. (not saying you’re not a big boy!LOL)

  4. steve

    wow congrats! found you through Entrecard and I’m very impressed. I haven’t started monetizing my blog yet, though I intend to after I’ve written daily for a month first.

    looks like i found a good resource here

  5. designbycha

    very impressive noob.
    ur post makes me to work on my blog more.
    thank you for good info.
    it is nice to see that u r trying to help other bloggers…


  6. Gyutae Park

    Is the $25 from auctionads part of the signup bonus? Nonetheless, nice stats. It’s good that you are transparent about everything so others can see what you’re doing and what you’re earning. Good stuff. Keep at it man.

  7. Mary

    Thanks for stopping by too. I’m admiring your earnings. I haven’t made a cent with CJ.

    All in all I I’m far away from even 100 from adsense since Feb. Next time you stop by my blogs and you have a second let me know what could work for me.
    Thanks for sharing this info to help us.

  8. the noob Post author

    steve- thanks steve. i’ve been getting some nice traffic via entrecard. i would say that you should monetize from the start. That’s what i did. Don’t wait for anything. As long as you have a few posts up already…you can start monetizing it.

    rob stgeorge- thanks rob. you’re one of the bloggers that i respect so means a lot to me. yeah cj beats out adsense anyday of the week. just hard to find a way to present it.

    lalitnagrath- thanks for the advice. i don’t plan or continuing the excessive paid posts…just until the end of the month. I’m doing a personal challenge to see if i can make $100 in one day.

    designbycha- i try to help with what i know. as i keep learning i’ll be more useful. just trying to give real and simple advice. it was hard to find honest and realistic advice when i started. wanted to fill that void with this blog. I’m still selling…but i’ll try to filter out the bullshit.

    gyutae park- i didn’t know there was a signup bonus for auctionads? i have 2 clicks and 1 refferal. i think its from the referal. the screen shot got cut off. yeah im always curious about what people are making. i like to see the breakdown and i figured a screenshot is a good way to present it.

    mary- cj is a gold mine. it’s more work but one you tap it…money comes. its better then any other type of revenue. next time i swing by i’ll offer some humble advice.

    jason- thanks jason. yeah the key words being “hard” and “work” but its also been a lot of fun.

  9. Amit Kheterpal

    Hi Noob,
    I am beginning to compile a blogspot of blogger incomes of all times and months and I came across your blog and I have posted a link to you first month income .
    Hope you would not mind ..

  10. killian

    Hey :)
    I’m starting a blog soon, just need design and I’m ready to go
    my congratulations for you, but I have a question, how did you get approved on those blog post selling websites before 1 month as they require the blog to be at least 2 months old…
    or did you have the blog before that?
    I’d appreaciate if you could answer me!
    thanks a lot and congrats for the blog

  11. Clog Money

    Impressive for your first month. So so many different advertising revenues on your site. I’m not expecting to make any money on my site for the first couple of months just to get the ball rolling and make it more about the blog less about the money!.

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  13. sfod223

    Pretty sweet numbers from CJ. I use them through my plugin script for auction listings. Being able to get ACRU’s and auction income is really nice. Just trying to increase readership now.

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  17. Tammy

    I have two and that I wish to monetize. I was unaware that you can put payperpost, payperpost competitors and ads like google or amazon on same site. Is this still hold true now??

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  19. Nicole Decoteau

    Just wasting some time in between class on Stumble Upon and I found your article. Not normally what I favor to read about, but it surely was well worth my time. Thanks.

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