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booth1.jpgI have a lot of experience in attending and participating in trade shows and conventions. I’ve attended numerous real estate development conventions all across this country. I’ve even been a speaker at one. I’ve also attended the magic show in Las Vegas for a couple of years when i dabbled in import export. What have i learned at these conventions? Very little. I think it can be a fun and and positive experience, but usually you don’t make that many contacts or find anything that will give a boost to your business.

I think it would be a good experience to attend a trade show at least once in your life time, but after that, you should probably skip these conventions. These functions are put on by business minded individuals. It’s also a business. They are there to turn a profit with the conventions. They make money from the attendance fees and exhibitor fees. Usually the cost is pretty outrageous. If you think you need to pay over a thousand dollars to hear some speaker, you’re quite mistaken. If the function is held in your city maybe you should check out the booths. Don’t pay for the classes tho. If you have to pay for a plane ticket, hotel room, and the price of admission, you should definitely pass.

When i was asked to speak at a Multi-Housing Convention, my ego was boosted and i couldn’t say no. I was one of 4 speakers for that particular workshop. My lecture was on the importance of proforma and cost analysis. So broad and general right? Useless info! I was just repeating my notes from a few of my development books. I was the youngest of the group, but i felt that i knew real estate as much as my colleagues. I thought it would be a fun experience and i figured there would be a lot of questions and networking. Wrong. After the workshop, everybody just left. I don’t think i or any of the attendants learned anything in particular from that convention. I got a bunch of useless promotional stuff tho.

The affiliate summit is coming to Vegas next month. I’ve read a few times on peoples’ blogs that they want to go. I think if you’ve never been, it would be fun to go. But, i suggest you don’t pay for it. If you could get in free maybe you should go. But if you are thinking about paying for the workshops and etc, you should know that you’re getting ripped off. It’s a waste of hard earned money. You won’t learn anything specific and they’ll just try to sell you more shit. As if paying over a grand for the stupid workshops wasn’t enough. It’s probably better buying an ebook. I say this even tho i hate ebooks!

Affiliate summit 08 will be held in Vegas. If i was already in Vegas on vacation, and i was up in my winnings, maybe(MAYBE!) i would go check out the booths. But only if i could get a discount. And Only if the ticket was less then 50 bucks.

I think i’ve heard of a few speakers. One that comes to mind is Zac Johnson. He’s an affiliate and he has his own blog. I actually like his blog. I was thinking, why pay to hear him speak, when you can read his blog for free? Do you honestly think he has new secrets to reveal to you at the convention? Maybe he’ll give you his business card so you can pay him more money to be a consultant.

Conventions are not always useless. Just most of the time.

6 thoughts on “My thoughts on conventions

  1. Adrian Keys

    Yeah…for the most part but it’s one contact that you are looking for…one who could open the door to untold opportunities. It’s kind of like buying domains – if you know what I mean (lol).

  2. the noob Post author

    adrian keys- good point. althought i haven’t made that one contact during any of my convention visits. I’m very opinionated but most of what i say has expections. u stated one right here in the comments. :) thanks

  3. witchypoo

    My experience of trade shows and conventions is pretty much the same. Spent a lot of time, but fortunately, not a lot of money. That’s only because I’m a heck of a negotiator, and talked them into having my booth on a contingency-only basis. It wasn’t worth the time.

  4. Allyn Paul

    I’ve been to many green industry expos and they only serve to accomplish one thing and that is see who has the biggest cock (ie: profit margin)!

  5. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- negotiating ability is the mark of a true businessman. good job.

    allyn- haha. did u just say cock on my blog??? awesome!

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