Needle in a blogstack

bloggerunleashed.jpgI’m amazed at how many make money blogs there are in the blogoshere. I honestly thought the number was closer to 1000, not 100,000. I find new make money blogs everyday. I find them by reading other people’s blogs. I find blogs that are really good and some not so good. I find some that are down right shitty. These are usually the most popular ones.

What amazes me most is that all of the info is the same. So when i visit, i read a few post titles, skim thru a post and i leave. I stay if i read something that interests me. I read if there is something entertaining. I read when the blogger cuts the bullshit. Bloggerunleashed is making some big waves in the blogging community. Most people seem to hate his Eddie Murphy foul mouth style. I certainly love it. It’s refreshing to read. It’s funny and most importantly, he tries to cut the bull. In a niche filled with so much ass kissing and paying each other off, i welcome such novelty. Even if all of his posts were about how A blogger sucks, i would probably still read it. Because it’s entertaining and funny. But the kicker is that he’s a great blogger. He got his RSS up faster then any make money blogger before him. He updates his blog and offer personal attention to each and every question or email he receives. He certainly knows his stuff.

If bloggernoob ever get to a level to garner a diss from vic at bloggerunleashed, i would welcome it. If he called me a cunt or a shitty blogger, i would be proud. And most definately i would think it’s funny. Who cares if he says a few bad words? Who cares if he insulted you? It’s only blogging.

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