Network with Newbies to Make Money Online

make money online with noobs like vanessa hudgensBlogging is kind of like high school. You have the popular crowd, and then there’s the rest of us. The band geeks, math nerds, and honors kids all want to be popular too. But we’re not that pretty and we’re not that good at sports. The good thing tho is that “Making Money Online” is not as limited as high school popularity contests. This game is all about numbers. There’s strength in number and since newbies out number the popular kids, we can create out own “in group“. We have to join forces and work together to build up each other. Networking with other newbie bloggers is the only way for us to make money online. I’ll tell you why.

If you want to grow your blog, you have to network. You could try to grow pure organic traffic and links, but that could take over a year. Not seeing any comments and links after a few months will make any blogger quit. If i didn’t see any traffic or comments on my in the first few months, i would have given up on this blog for sure. That’s why you have to take short cuts and network.

Like most noobies, i frequently visited the likes of problogger and chow. I would leave heart felt comments that i thought were useful in hopes of attracting bloggers to visit my site. I got nothing. After a while, i just gave up on trying to get the attention of these bloggers. I’m trying to think about why i would waste my time on the big blogs. I guess i thought that they would see the potential in me. That they would want to help out a noob. I was wrong and i’m glad i experienced that. Because it forced me to network with noobies.

I joined up with mybloglog and blogcatalog. I started posting threads and getting a dialogue going with other bloggers. Bloggers outside my niche. It became fun and i was able to learn a lot of these chats and message boards. I started visiting other blogs that were new. I kept a good relationships with these bloggers and now, some of these blogs have grown. I can now ask for favors and it’ll draw some attention. It’s all about scratching each others backs.

If you visit enough blogs, you start noticing things. You realize that bloggers are in cliques. These bloggers form friendship with other bloggers who started at around the same time. It’s similar to college freshmen making friends at orientation, or army guys making friends at bootcamp. You’re closest friends tend to be people you meet when you’re starting out.

Most of the bloggers that you start off around the same time with you will lose interest and stop blogging. It’s a sad fact and this is probably true of all things that have low barrier of entry. I know so many failed musicians and actors, it’s not even funny. In a way, i think most office job type are failed artists or athletes. I mean really…who dreams of working in a cubicle when they are kids?

Bloggers keep quiting but our economy is supported because new bloggers come to fill in. It’s like the everlasting poker game. Newbie bloggers are the ones that will help you make money online. If you help out a newb, he or she will become a regular visitor. If you reply to their emails and comments, they will come back for more. These neglected bloggers are the ones that fuel the “make money online” niche. They’ve been neglected by the popular blogs, so if you are willing to help, they will gladly defect to your blog.

Like i said, newbies are your best customers. They are the ones that can drive up your affiliate commissions. Why waste your time on bloggers who already joined every affiliate program. You won’t make commission off of them. Spend your time marketing and networking to newbies who are still virgin to various ad networks. Get in good with them and they’ll gladly join under you.

If you want to build up your comments, comment on a fellow noob’s blog. A site that doesn’t get many comments will appreciate that guesture. He or she will probably reciprocate the comment. At the very least, they will check out your site.

The advice you get from other noobies will be more helpful. Things that the popular bloggers talk about are not relevant for noobies. Think about it? What does CPA and Click thru ratio got to do with you when you don’t even know what that means? Take baby steps and roll with a bunch of other babies. Noob out!

13 thoughts on “Network with Newbies to Make Money Online

  1. goofblogger

    The importance of networking cannot be overstressed.You will learn what works for others, and what doesn’t work through the connections that you will make with other noob bloggers. You can ask people the noobiest questions, and they will gladly answer.

    If you need someone to scan your site over and suggest changes, they will be there you. If you need detailed advice on how to increase traffic, there will be there for you.

  2. the noob Post author

    goofblogger- yup. that’s why i overstress it. cause it cannot be. 😉 i think you have to learn from newbies and people who are slighter more experienced. If you jump the gun with advice from someone too advanced, you’ll just lose motivation or get all confused. You should always balance out helping people who are more noob, and chatting with peers, and learning from people who are slightly better.

  3. JK Swopes

    Hey noob! It’s been a while, I’ve been off working on the blog and networking a bunch…thought it was about time I came back by.

    Good to see you still going and going strong, I agree totally man, you have to network. Yours was one of the blogs I commented on regularly in the beginning, I found you to be real and down to earth….so, keep it up man, I’ll be trying to get back in on your converstions, you just write so much! lol

    See ya around man.

  4. JK Swopes

    I don’t remember if I used to sign my name as Normal Joe on here or just JK Swopes lol….

    ahh well, I’m sure you’ll figure out who I am :)

  5. the noob Post author

    jk swopes- welcome back. was wondering where you were. 😉 yeah i gotta stop writing so much. i remember you as both. normal joe and swopes. 😉

  6. JK Swopes

    Well, you should be seeing me more, I’m gonna try to make it a point to stay involved, though I get busy…I’ll be around!

    How are things? I got something in the works that I’d like to get you involved in :)

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